Nuance is known for its intelligent voice technology, and the company is actually in a partnership with Apple to supposedly work on bringing better voice integration to iOS.

Nuance already has several productivity apps in the App Store, including Dragon Dictation. And their newest app brings the ultimate voice search experience to the iPhone. Hello, Dragon Go!

“Control Your Personal Universe with No Boundaries

Imagine – one app access to everything you want on the mobile web! That’s Dragon Go! You just say what you want and Dragon Go! not only hears what you say – it also understands what you want and gives you direct access to the best sites on the Mobile Web delivering what you want.”

Few apps will save you more time than Dragon Go!

Voice search is something that can be difficult to get right, but Nuance has once again proved that it knows how to create an excellent vocal-powered experience. I’ve previously been using Siri for search on my iPhone, and I’ve already replaced it with Dragon Go! for my on-the-go search needs.

Dragon Go! will find just about anything for you, including the weather, concert tickets, move showtimes, dinner reservations, directions, news, music and more. The brilliant thing about Dragon Go! is that it recognizes plain English, meaning that you don’t have to speak in robotic sentences to get the results you need.

If you want two reservations for 7:30 at the closest sushi place, just speak that into the app. Dragon Go! will then use Yelp and OpenTable to locate the restaurant and make your reservations. Wanna see the next showing for the latest Transformers movie at the closest theatre? Tell Dragon Go! and the app will make it happen by showing you times and giving you directions. If you’re debating trivia facts with your friend, speak your question into Dragon Go! and it will use Google and Wikipedia to show you the best answer available. Tell Dragon Go! to “play Coldplay” and Pandora will open with a Coldplay station. It’s all brilliant.

Dragon Go! integrates with many web services, like Google, Pandora, Fandango, Wikipedia, YouTube, AccuWeather, Yelp and IMDB. Total, there’s about 180 services that the app can pull from to answer your query.

If Dragon Go! is any indication of what Nuance and Apple are planning to bring to iOS in the future, I’m very excited. You can download Dragon Go! for free in the App Store. Unfortunately, the app is only available in the US.

What do you think of this app? Will you be using Dragon Go! for voice search on the iPhone from now on?

  • Alex

    Sounds cool. It’d be great if Apple made their Voice Control like this:

  • Dan

    Why only the US? App exclusivity really annoys me.

    • Night

      I feel you, it really annoying!

    • Don’t drink that racist coffee.

      Just make an American iTunes account.

    • Cameron

      Same thing happens with all American products, but in Britain we keep it fair…

      • bc

        Right, then how did you manage to get an iPhone? Did it occur to any of you that the app is only programmed to work with American English? I imagine that, depending on its success, it will be expand ed to other languages and dialects.

      • Cameron

        @Dc So why isn’t it in the UK store? After all we invented the language!

      • bc

        Ok, you clearly didn’t read my comment. Nice try, though.

  • moob

    i understand the US bias toward its main readers but it damn pisses me off every time i spend a few moments of my life reading through an article, thinking “I want this, this is GREAT!!” only to be told virtually in the final sentence its for US only.. happens every time!!!

    iDB, a small suggestion, in future, if something is not available outside the US, kindly let me (and many others) know at the TOP of the page!! ty

    • Dan

      This is a good idea, I actually had a look on the App Store after reading the first paragraph, only to find it unavailable! Are there that many Apps exclusive to Britain?

      • Don’t drink that racist coffee.

        USA not Britain.

  • MrA

    Downloaded it. Already love it. Thanks iDB.

  • Dan

    @…coffee no, Britain. If you read my comment I’m asking whether there are that many apps exclusive to Britain, as a way of comparing to the wealth of USA exclusive apps such as “Dragon Go!”.

  • 877

    I live in uk and just downloaded it, just create us iTunes account….google it

    • Anonymous

      hi, could you advise me plse! when creating an american i tunes account, how or where can i find an american address and phone number, this is the part iam stuck at.??

  • Cameron

    @Bc lol I read over it again and my comment don’t make sence. 😀 Srr.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, when creating an american i tunes account, how and where do i get an american addy and number?