Looking for an interesting way to customize your iPhone’s springboard? CustomGrid is the latest such jailbreak tweak that allows you to do just that.

As its name alludes to, CustomGrid allows you to customize the SpringBoard’s grid on your iPhone’s Home screen.

The stock SpringBoard grid is very simple and easy on the eyes at 4×4, not including the dock app icons. With CustomGrid, you can get downright ridiculous with a 12×12 grid if you’re feeling particularly froggy. Full video details on the app icon madness inside…

While a tweak like CustomGrid does certainly serve a purpose, its purpose is best served when combined with other tweaks like Bigify+, etc.

Sure, you can make an insanely out of proportion grid of app icons, but it’s not very functional without adjusting the properties of the app icons themselves, namely their size.

CustomGrid isn’t capable of doing this, that’s why I think you’re better off using it in tandem with another tweak that can alter the physical properties of your app icons.

If your iPhone is jailbroken, CustomGrid is available on Cydia for $0.99 in the BigBoss repo.

Have you tried it yet, what do you think about it?

  • james will

    i would swipe to next page to access my icons rather than trying to put all of them in one. i have tried it and it makes my iphone look pathetic…. i showed some of my friends and almost all said ->FUGLY

    • agsantyo

      Try using Bigify to shrink your icons….actually it will look nicer

      • james will

        why didnt the dev put shrink in his tweak?? if im paying for some tweak i atleast expect it to all things related to itself… ((even im a dev and i have released some tweaks)i always take care about everything related to my tweak!) and also doesnt iconoclasm does this?

      • Aaron

        Yeah, I think this is just a slimmed down version of Iconoclasm.

      • james will

        Aaron i agree with you 100%…… i dont get this why devs are doing this?….. i also made a tweak of over 2000 lines but then i realised some tweak was a bit similar so i never released it…. there are soooooo many things to change in ios…..

  • Alex


  • Rick

    So, you’d combine CustomGrid with Bigify+ just like people do Iconoclasm and Shrink?

  • Tyler Hauser

    Does anyone know if this is compatible with Infiniboard?

    • Tyler Hauser

      To answer my own question: yes, works perfectly.

  • Johnny

    How come it wont download for me??i keep getting posix:operation timed out

    • james will

      no internet or really slow…. if you have a good internet & this is still happening reboot ur device..

  • confused?

    he said “this is jeff with iphonedownloadblog” at the end…didnt they change it to idownloadblog?

  • Hey someone please tell Jeff we’re now iDownloadBlog 😉
    I’m kidding. I assume this video was made before we announced the name change. Who cares about the name anyways? It’s all about the info we share, right?

    • Rick

      haha, that’s a nice way of saying, “Yah, but we’re gonna make a deal and have him redo the video, so just deal with it.”

      • Rick

        not gonna*