Spotify, the popular music streaming service, has finally hit the US. We reported last week of its imminent launch, and now the wait is over, but, unfortunately, there is a catch. If you had signed up last week, you are going to receive an invite to join Spotify. If you haven’t, the only way for you to start using their service right away is to subscribe to one of their paid plans.

They are not expensive, starting at $4.99 for the Unlimited package, which lets you stream unlimited music, and $9.99 for the Premium package, which allows you to stream to your mobile and offers an offline mode as well. Refer to this page for more accurate info…

Moreover, the Spotify app for iOS is now available in the App Store. It’s free, but you won’t be able to use it unless you subscribe to their Premium package.

The free version of Spotify is a great way to discover new tracks and to listen to music in general. But if you are a heavy listener, it’s probably a good idea you spend money on it to enjoy the full experience Spotify can offer.

Have you tried it yet? What do you think?

  • James

    Downloaded the app and launched it to be welcomed to a request an invite screen.

    Oh well.

  • Jamie

    Got both and the app makes it seem you can synch both via wifi it works but you need to have the paid subscription to get anything to stream. I have not hooked it up yet from home to see if actual music I own can br synched to the app. If this works its a whole lot easier making a quick playlist via spotify instead of iTunes.

  • Shawn

    Go here and there is a way past the invite needed screen. But you’ll have to suffer with 20 hrs of free music a month. Not that big a deal if you have multiple emails. (I have 12) anyway….

  • GoldEars

    160kbps? You can keep that shit.

    • Cotter

      Unless you’re a premium user and bitrate is higher!

  • Bill

    I paid for the premium subscription for a month because I wanted to check it out. It is far and away the best music streaming service I have used and with the offline mode you get with the premium subscription you can take music with you when you will be away from
    an Internet connection. I had a hard time finding songs that it didn’t have available. I even searched for some obscure 90s Techno and it had a few of those songs which is impressive. The social aspect of it is great as well. I can publish my playlists so friends can subscribe to them and vice versa. After two days of using it, I’m highly impressed with it. The free version has limitations because they want you to upgrade so complaining about it based on using the free version is not fair. Buck up the 10 bucks and give the full thing a try. You’ll be impressed with it I’m sure.