Apple is looking to block sales of HTC smartphones in the US. Like the ongoing copycat lawsuit with Samsung, Apple claims that HTC infringes on several of its iPhone patents.

HTC has seen impressive growth in the last year, and the company is responsible for many of the most popular Android devices on the market right now. Apple feels that HTC owes a little respect (and by “respect” we mean money) for the allegedly infringed patents…


“Apple claims HTC is infringing five patents related to software architecture and user interfaces in portable electronic devices, hardware for touch screens and movement sensors, according to a complaint filed July 8 with the U.S. International Trade Commission in Washington. The complaint is the second Apple has filed against Taoyuan, Taiwan-based HTC.”

This actually isn’t the first time that Apple has gone after the folks at HTC, but this second time around Apple is pulling out all the stops. Apple shows no signs of backing down from its request to have the International Trade Commission block sales of HTC devices until an agreement between the two companies can be reached in court.

“HTC is dismayed that Apple has resorted to competition in the courts rather than the marketplace,” said Grace Lei, HTC’s general counsel. “HTC continues to vehemently deny all of Apple’s past and present claims against it and will continue to protect and defend its own intellectual property as it has already done this year.”

Is Apple scared of HTC’s close affiliation with Android? Google’s OS seems to be the only force that stands in Apple’s way these days. With Apple looking to win the case with Samsung over similar patent infringement, Apple is slowly but surely dealing swift blows to its competition in court.

HTC isn’t a small kid on the playground by any stretch of the imagination, so it will be interesting to see which company comes out on top in this patent infringement case. We highly doubt that the court will grant Apple’s request and have the FTC block sales of HTC devices.

Amidst all of this legal red tape with other smartphone makers, Apple is still right on track to release its new iPhone(s) this Fall. Cupertino plays by its own rules. Does that bother you?

[BGR, image – “HTC Desire v.s. iPhone 4” by Phutta]

  • Brandon

    Well, I have yet to see an HTC phone that closely resembles an iPhone. I think this action apple is taking is pointless and absurd.

  • Dave

    I’ve gotta admit, I don’t really like how aggresive Apple has become with these law-suits recently. Competition is healthy, if Apple suddenly became the only producer of smartphones on the market (not likely to happen though), we might just be facing worse times…

    • Manuel

      “have to admit”? Please, this is just stupid. Apple needs to man up and stop playing the “I’m a bitch” game. I love my iPhone and hate Android, but Apple, stop hating. Get up and make moves. It’s your fault you locked the iPhone to at&t when Verizon say no. You had the choice to move it to other carriers after so many years. You had chances to make different iPhones. You could have open your app store a bit more and open the iOS way more than waiting until iOS 5 to make it some what like a jailbreak. These are so many reasons people choose android over Apple. So, they need to just stop, and just make better moves.

      • Geek

        Ummmmmmmm the reason people choose android is because they can’t afford apple…. It’s a serious statement… Everyone who on other networks would love a iPhone but cant pay the bill…. Poor people… Smh

      • geek

        Geek… ur such a stupid moron.. I’m sure you must be american

    • Jon Garrett


      you’re a dumbass., an iPhone only costs $200., the same as some Android phones. a data plan on an iphone with any carrier costs the same as an Android phone with same carrier. a rate plan for an iphone costs the same as an Android phone with same carrier.

      people choose Android over iphone because;

      they can choose what type of phone they want vs one-size fits all.
      they want expandable memory
      they want HDMI ports
      they want USB ports
      they want 3D video
      they want 1080p playback
      the want customization
      they want lockscreen widgets
      they want to add content to their devices WITHOUT something like itunes.
      they want a carrier of THEIR choice.
      they want to be able to run apps that THEY want to run, not what they’re allowed to run

      they DON’T want to jailbreak their devices, void their warranty and make their device buggy.
      they DON”T want some egomaniac CEO telling them how to use their phones
      they DON’T want to have to wait a whole year or more for a new phone
      they DON’T want to loose all their data because they have to sync to a new computer.

      • Manuel

        This is a lot of the moves Apple needs to get on. They make stupid choices, like locking people to at&t or Verizon. There is 1 million jailbreak unlocks on T-Mobile. If there was a T-Mobile iPhone, it would SELL. Sprint = sell. More iPhones than once a year = sell. At least two iPhones a year or 3. If not, at least 2 and please, please, please, give us some f’in useful updates. I’m a Verizon jailbreak 4.2.6 user. Were on 4.2.9. Why not update when I can jailbreak all those firmwares? Because those updates brought nothing but bs. Why do I have to wait for iOS 5, for new stuff? Isn’t that when the iPhone 5 is coming out? Might as well buy the new damn phone too. Apple needs to wake up dude. Maybe if Job’s steps down, better actions can be made. He’s smart too, but he needs to wake up & see that you can’t control everything or you’ll lose money.

  • andrew

    people always think my HTC Mytouch4G is an Iphone with a soft rubber case. Its freakishly close when I put Iphone Icons on the desktop.

  • Tbv

    Even though I love the iPhone and other Apple products. I am completely against Apple’s action against HTC and Samsung. There is nothing wrong with competition and a little imitation. Look at the auto industry, most of these cars look alike to a certain extent.

  • whatthehell

    Okay, now apple is being stupid. HTC told them to be competitive, now apple’s being whiny about that. And I have an iPhone 4. Stop suing!!!!

  • apple is becoming like the companies it complains about has steve jobbs a say in this or is it this a representation of future apple…..

  • Pam


  • Morgan

    I don’t know Apple’s patents or where it thinks HTC has infringing upon them, but if Apple has enough to think they can win, than by all means they should go after HTC. Competition is one thing, using someone’s patented intellectual property is something else.

  • Chenghung

    Apple is scared. They can only sue ppl. Other than that, they are nothing

  • Rmpwe

    Apple needs to get over themselves and I’d trade my iPhone 4 for a galaxys2 or HTC desire any day

  • JustinBieber

    Shout out to Seb i’m a big fan of u! and i love watching Tour De France!

  • Apple is right, all other companies are copying apple in one way or an other

  • H5N1

    Apple = Hitler

  • AdamC

    It’s the royalty payments and nothing else.

  • Shashi P

    Many of you are missing a fundamental point. Apple is fighting a proxy war against Android imitation on HTC and Samsung – instead of directly taking on Google in the courts (We all know how the Microsoft/Apple UI imitation case turned out). By going at it this way, Apple is certainly within its rights to protect the new market it defined. Go Apple- make the copycats admit they copycatted- and not project “innovation” by changing a few icons colors and animation.

    • Jon Garrett

      apple defined the market? even though smart phones, mobile apps and app stores have been around since the 90’s

      other companies copied apple? apple copied the iphone from netgear, they copied capacitive touch from LG the copied the app store from microsoft and handandgo, apple is accusing samsung of coping the iphone even though samsung showed AND released the F700 before apple did with the iphone.

      if thats not enough, now iOS 5 will include notifications and messaging ripped straight from Android and RIM AND include features stolen from Cydia. even iOS 4 stole ideas from Cydia., at least 10 that I know of just off the top of my head !!

  • HP

    HTC made smartphones while the guys at apple were still wearing diapers~~! RIDICULOUS !

  • Carl

    Apple sucks I really hate the iphone I would go with HTC any day, I am getting a htc sensation for Christmas this year, HTC will always win my vote.

  • Dracossaint

    All I know is this ,these legal measures are ridcllous (dunno if they are or arnt infringing) ,but regardless this reminds me of their adtuide towards 3rd-party devs .”do as we say or our legal team is gonna take it out ya behind “

  • me

    Apple is acting really stupid and anti-competitive right now. Apple has always wanted to own and control the smartphone market. They know that they aren’t the only “game” in town. for me, at least, I refuse to own an IPhone. Why? i like to be able to switch out batteries on the fly when necessary. I want expandable memory (i.e. micro sd card) and I want the liberty to “mod” my phone as I choose to since it is, in fact, mine.

    I like HTC and they came out of nowhere and have solid phones (in my opinion anyway). They are cheaper than IPhone.

    I have the a feeling that the courts may find Apple’s patent infringement baseless and a poor excuse to to control the market.

    Apple: You love to play hard ball. You always have. Remember, you do have competition and consumers will use competition as a decision-making tool.