One of the slight blotches on the iOS report card is the platform’s less than inspiring iPod app. Yes it’s functional, and yes its user interface won’t make you want to poke your own eyes out with a cocktail stick, but it’s just not very exciting.

Past the app’s lack of excitement, it’s lacking such simple features. If only there was an app that we could use to replace the boring iPod app on our iPhones. Something a little more interesting. As of July 14th, there will be, with PanAmp due to be released into the vast ocean that is the App Store, and we think it’s going to be a bit of a hit…

While possibly not quite capturing the imagination as much as we’d hoped on the interface front, PanAmp’s claim to fame is undoubtedly its ability to create custom playlists right inside the app, as well as giving users the chance to queue up songs – perfect for parties and such. Funky stuff.

“Panamp is an evolution of the native iOS music playback application. It’s simple, yet powerful interface allows you to control, browse, list and listen to your music intuitively. Panamp’s operation has a natural and ergonomic feel, which will be picked up instinctively.”

Swiping left and right on a song brings up a variety of options for either adding to a playlist, or viewing more song information. It’s a nice way of handling menus, and makes a change to the tap and hold brigade.

We can’t help but wonder if PanAmp will actually see the light of day come the 14th though. Apple already has a history of killing apps it feels duplicate iOS functionality, and if there’s one thing PanAmp does, it’s duplicate the iPod app. It even uses your iTunes library, which while being a huge plus for users, might just irk Apple’s App Store peeps somewhat.

We hope PanAmp does hit the App Store tomorrow, we know we’ll be eager to download it just as much as the rest of you.

Until then, be sure to checkout the video for an insight into just what PanAmp will offer.

PanAmp will cost $2.99 tomorrow in the App Store.

  • Nad

    Correct me if im wrong but im pretty sure you can create playlists in the ipod app. Ive even created a few :p

  • moob

    “it’s lacking such simple features as the ability to create new playlists while away from your computer” hmm? you can create playlists away from the computer, just tap “Add Playlist” and select the songs you want, the running order can also be edited by the user as well as deletion.

  • Xtrl

    This post maybe was create without reviewing the iOS5 because the iOS5 allows user to delete/create/ playlist directly with the phone, also Allows users to delete from the ipod app…

    apart from that, This apps “pamAmp looks pretty cool.”

    • fack apple

      iOS5? Most users are still on iOS4 you fackin ninny!

  • Adam

    +1 on the playlist adding, been part of iOS since 4.0.1 if I remember correctly.

  • Yeah yeah yeah. Our bad. The post has been fixed. Thanks for pointing it out 🙂

    • It was just a test to make sure everyone was paying attention 🙂

      • Lol

        Someone’s nose just turned brown…

    • Staaan

      The on the fly queing of songs is exactly what I was looking for. iPod app is just too bland. Can’t wait see check this one out. If it’s rejected I wonder if the developer will make it available through Cydia?

    • fack apple

      ho mo!

  • Ben

    But, will it do Crossfade?

  • Great article, I’m really bored if the current app, there isn’t much to show off about on the idevices, specially the iPad, I know the current app is functional but it’s too dull and boring, I mean add some 3D stuff or some animations to make it look live and fun to use instead of just opening app to just switch songs

  • babe

    No syncronized lyrics LRC metadata? Walk away..
    At least same like TTpod on my old nokia E72 would be nice.

  • ddddd

    Its out

  • yoni

    be thankful for the basic ipod app. i wrongfully moved to android recently and there’s not a single music player with the most basic necessary features!

  • trev

    got it…tried it…and it’s great! 🙂 hasn’t crashed or caused an error, unlike OnCue, plus the UI looks great

    one thing though, i wish there were nav buttons i.e. next track and previous track

    • Tobias

      You can do next track, previous track by swiping over the playback control.

      • trev

        Yeah i noticed that one.. But that’s swiping, not when u have a button, w/c would just be a press action, and that only brings u forward never backwards

  • Staaan

    Only thing I notice missing is EQ control… other than that the app is great.

  • Staaan

    After using the app for a little bit, I decided to compare it to the native iPod app..

    I gotta say to my ear (with EQ off on the iPod app), the iPod app sounds much better.

    I guess PanAmp MP3 decode is different from the native app’s decoder?

    PanAmp’s EQ is more on the treble side and lots of bass is cut out.

  • Big AL

    i been using AMP on the iphones and iPod touch for a while now, and it gives me all the functionality PanAmp gives you plus a lot more…. it posts to twitter and FB, shows you lyrics and local concerts for the artist / song you are listening to.