The “Games” section of the App Store hold thousands of awesome titles for our iPhones, iPods and iPads. We all love to play games on the iPhone, and a recent study from Nielson shows that iPhone users actually like playing games more than anyone else.

According to Nielson, the average iPhone owner spends twice the average time of any other smartphone user playing games. The iPhone actually beats out its closest competitor, Android, by nearly double the percentage time spent on mobile games from the App Store. We’re not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…

The average iPhone user spends 14.7 hours/month playing addictive games like Angry Birds and Tiny Wings, while the typical Android user only spends 9.3 hours. Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry users sneak in under iPhone and Android at 7.8 hours/month.

We like our apps, and we apparently pay for them, too. 93% of iPhone owners were willing to pay for the games they played in a 30-day window. Other categories in the App Store, like Entertainment and News, saw smaller percentages in this area.

Hopefully these statistics don’t mean that iPhone users waste more time than Android users, but we know that we at least have more fun. To put it into perspective, Nielson’s findings showed that only 11% of iPhone users download apps from the “Education” section of the App Store.

Do you play games often on your iPhone?

[Infinite Loop, photo by Toca Boca]

  • DoofusBrain

    I wanna know what game that is on the screenshot… it looks awesome

  • Jon Garrett

    According to Nielson?? and no information on how many people they surveyed? (probably a couple of hundred at best) no information about demographics?

    so who exactly is the “average” iphone user as there are millions of us and they surely did not ask me.

    * another meaningless story about nothing.

    • Tom

      I bet you spent more time responding to this rather than just moving on to the next website to troll on. Glad someone put a gun to your head and made you read this!

      • Jamie

        Why is it people who have an opinion that isn’t agreeing with the post, or with other people, they are insulted or called a troll lol .. No1 put a gun to your head either to force you to rise to it and respond.

      • Well, some people always have negative opinions and it’s kind of annoying in the long run. In the case of John Garrett, I just checked and 90% of his comments are to talk shit about us, other commenters, or Apple in general. This doesn’t bring anything to the discussion.