If you updated your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple TV to the latest iOS 5 Beta 3 release, you need to know that, according to iH8Sn0w, it will expire on August 18, 2011 at 8pm EST.

So what will happen at that time? Well, your iPhone might explode, your iPad will implode, and your Apple TV will fly back to its original factory in China. More seriously, I’d assume that it wouldn’t let you use your device until it’s updated to a newer beta or maybe even the official firmware… 

This process can’t be stopped because it happens at boot level, and there’s currently no boot-level exploit for iOS 5. At any rate, make sure you updated before that date to avoid potential issue.

  • Goofy

    Where’s the reminder for the new beta?

  • William

    I really hope that this is the last beta, can’t wait for iOS5 official release

  • Kuipo

    Wait a minute, is this common practice for beta versions? Or something new? What if apple uses this on final releases? Jailbroken phones will br force to update.

    • Kadz

      Lol rethink this bro lol

  • Connormc964

    Well that seems crazy, but I think os5 might be paid, like os3 was.

    • Johnny

      Genius, apple already stated that iOS 5 will be free

  • diego

    not really, i happened to manually change the date of my iphone, and the screen went black, the iphone restarted, and it said that my iOS version had expired. This means you might actually me able to stop the process only by setting a new date
    @deefilippi on Twitter

  • jjolayemi

    You won’t be able to download anything from the app store if your date and time settings are way off. This keeps happening with an old 3G i have that keeps resetting it’s date and time when it dies and i don’t charge it for ages