A few days ago, we mentioned that The Wall Street Journal and other publications were noting that Apple was working on a new way to charge iDevices. From the details, it sounded like some form of inductive method, similar to Palm’s Touchstone charger.

However, MacRumors has discovered something interesting in a recently-revealed patent application that suggests the Cupertino company might be going a different route. Have you ever heard of WiTricity? 

WiTricity was founded in 2007, and has made some significant advances in wireless electricity. The technology is based on MIT lab research in which scientists showed a new method of transferring huge amounts of power wirelessly, over small distances.

WiTricity is said to be safe, utilizing magnetic fields for energy transfer, instead of radiative. The technology is also scalable, so it can handle anything from powering a mouse or keyboard, to recharging an electric vehicle. Check out the video to see it in action.

When the company demoed WiTricity at the 2009 TED (Technology Entertainment Design) conference, it caught the attention of several companies- including Apple. Remember the “Wireless power utilization in a local computing environment” patent we told you about a few weeks ago?

Apparently, the filing details a similar technology for a wireless charging method. The Apple patent even refers to the original paper published by the MIT researchers. Could this be the new way Apple plans to charge its gadgets? Maybe.

Recent rumors suggest that Steve Jobs and company could introduce a new iDevice charging method as early as next year. I for one wouldn’t mind seeing this kind of wireless charging method imbedded into future Apple products.

What about you?

  • Shaz

    I’ve been talking about this to my friends for the past 2 years! Batteries arn’t wireless i told them and once the juice is sucked dry your done. The only thing that was constantly brought up was the electric field.. would this course problem in the future? cancer? I bet not as much as wifi does in the present day.

    can’t wait until this is commercialized!

    • soccerkrzy

      The frequency range and low-power transmission of wi-fi and this technology will not be harmful to you. The crackpots saying that you’ll get cancer from wi-fi and your cell phone are wrong.

    • Craig

      Scientists somewhere will say yes, cancer causer and then a couple of years later they will say well, actually, it doesn’t .. The latest thing that comes to mind was salt, bad for you and all of a sudden they’ve decided it’s not .. I actually don’t believe a word these so called experts say anyway as most are hired by the government to tell the public what the government wants you to believe depending on what suits them or makes them money more to the point.

  • fojam

    holy shit this is awesome

    • rdqronos

      There’s always one person who says this.
      Thank you sir.

  • JoBerlin

    This is bullshit. It adds weight and not much functionality: Chargers will become bigger and heavier, the phones will be a little heavier, reception might become worse and it’s not possible to make a call and charge the device.

    • Justin

      Well, maybe you can’t call and charge on the Verizon network, but AT&T should be fine.

    • Daniel

      How exactly will this effect the reception?

  • Josh

    ROFLMAO Justin!!

  • Big AL

    Justin’s Comment F.T.W.!!!!