We’ve got another TweakWeek entry for you. This one comes from Andrea Oliva and might just be a godsend for folks who enjoy a good impromptu sing-along.

PlayingLyrics is a unique jailbreak utility that can instantly bring up the lyrics of a currently playing track. The cool thing is that you can use Activator to assign a button or gesture to the function, so your song lyrics are available at all times…

PlayingLyrics follows the typical tweak etiquette. There’s no icons installed on your spring board, and this particular utility doesn’t add anything to your Settings app either.

Once downloaded, simply hop into your Settings app and fire up Activator. Select which button or gesture you want to activate PlayingLyrics, and then respring. Now just make sure a song is playing, and perform the set action.

The catch is that your songs must already have the lyrics embedded in them via iTunes. You can do this by right-clicking on a song in iTunes. and selecting Get Info > Lyrics.

Although tapping an album cover in the iPod app brings up song lyrics, this utility allows you to access them from any screen. Ok, I’m still trying to figure out why I need it, but it’s cool nonetheless. You can grab PlayingLyrics in Cydia for free.

Have you tried PlayingLyrics yet? What do you think?

  • Rick

    So i’m guessing this would be good for those people who can’t bring up their lyrics cause of their theme or other package?

  • babeh

    i wish there are some developer creating lrc timed lyric enabled that saved inside mp3 metadata using minilyrics. This means better so we doesnt have to copy the lrc files also.
    Something that should be better than lrc air app.
    Must have in ipad,ipod,iphone.

    If just static lyrics, just taps on cover at ipod app, it will display it.

    • Andy

      Yeah that’s what we really need and what we really want! Even a PC app for that would be great. I use tag&rename extensively but lyrics are the only things I can’t get. This is a great tweak if you want your already tagged lyrics to display on any screen, not just in iPod.

  • klsmchoy31

    CAMENA works great.

  • babe

    A PC commercial App is called minilyrics. It will display running timed lyrics.
    Minilyrics works with Winamp, WMP, also itunes. With winamp, with click on options, minilyrics can save the static lyrics [just like itunes] and timed running lyrics into mp3s, as simple as that.

    Hope there some apps on ipad/ipod that can read the minilyrics running text metadata [LRC based] inside those mp3s, ipod can read the static one just like itunes

    A free one on PC, also on Mac [need mono framework] is AutoLyrix. it can show the lrc also, but i dont tested yet.

  • Andy

    @babe, thanks for all those names. I remember sometime ago a plugin was available for winamp, wmp and iTunes to find and store lyrics but all of it’s links were dead. Never could run that.