John Carmack, the man behind id Software (the team responsible for the likes of Quake and Doom) believes it won’t be long before our portable devices are more powerful than the games consoles we’re playing on today.

In an interview with IndustryGamers, Carmack shared his views on the current state of the iOS gaming world, claiming that while the current crop of best-selling titles are smaller, lighter titles, such as, Angry Birds, the time will come that we find ourselves using out smartphones and tablets to play the full-fledged titles currently reserved for home consoles…

Carmack also suggested that our mobile devices could be used to play games on the big screen, with his description sounding eerily familiar:

“Platform wise, you could certainly imagine a future where, instead of having your console, you have your mobile device and it talks to your TV and when you want the experience on your big screen with the surround sound coming out of there, it’s still on the same device.”

If you’re the proud owner of an iPad 2 and an Apple TV, that’s already possible with games such as Real Racing HD 2. Are we already living in Carmack’s future?

During the interview, id Software’s number one guy also told IndustryGamers that even the company’s developers are starting to lean toward iOS gaming, with PS3s and Xbox 360s losing out to iPads and iPhones.

“One thing that we hear a lot, especially from our older developers, is,  ‘I don’t spend a lot of time sitting down in front of my 360 or PS3, but I pull out my iPad and play some little game all the time.’ It’s a different experience though… it’s a diversion rather than a destination. And while they’re certainly powerful enough now to make destination titles, that’s still not really what’s doing particularly well there. But it certainly is a worry.”

While there was already little doubt that gaming was beginning to lean toward the mobile space, hearing the news come from someone sp entrenched in traditional gaming mediums somehow makes it all the more real.

We’re sure the thousands of independent iOS game developers out there will share Carmack’s sentiments.

Now, bring on the games!

  • Craig

    It doesn’t matter how powerful the devices get or how good the games get, there is no way tablets or phones will ever overtake the console or pc for gaming until they bring out controllers compatible witht hem. For me personally I love some of the games on ios and the prospect of playing ps3 and 360 quality games on the go is amazing but as long as you have to use the screen and cover up half of what you need to see with your fingers it will never happen.

    • Kuipo

      Craig, lets talk again in 2 years

      • Cameron

        No Craig is totally right! I would HATE playing COD on an iPhone!

      • Igeek1218

        No once again let’s see in 2years…. 80% of America pop. Has a mobile device…. Can u play ps3 on the road?

      • Craig

        80% of the US may well own a smartphone but that doesn’t mean they play indepth games that require multiple different buttons often or that they ever will. The post is about ios taking over as a gaming platform and my point is that without a dedicated controller which could be made very easily and cheaply, the hardcore gamer that uses ps3 and 360 will never ditch there home console. I have several games like fifa and the game that resembles cod, i forget the name offhand lol but I rarely ever play them and until there is a controller that alows me to play without actually covering my screen i’ll continue to use my consoles.

      • dh

        TUAW posted an article yesterday with a new report that claims that the number of people who will be a mobile device and disregard purchasing a console system is falling. While we are able to play more games in more places, there is no way that tablets and phones will ever replace the console or pc as a means of playing games. The number of people playing games on mobile devices will likely surpass console gamers soon (if it hasn’t already), but everyone needs to remember we can have our cake and eat it too (i.e. Play fun lightweight games on mobile devices and pull out the xbox or ps3 for heavy hitters like COD).

      • Cameron

        No but you you can use a PSP/PSP GO!

    • Jon Garrett

      If you had an Android tablet like my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, you’re already able to plug in mice, keyboards and game controllers.

      In addition, if you have an Android tablet, you also have HDMI out ports so not only can you use your favorite control methood, you can also play on your 47″ wide screen TV like I do !!

      if you’re an ipad.x user, you’ll never have those features.

  • Josh

    Mobile gaming is for the less than casual gamers. Any hardcore (or regular for that matter) gamer would never give up a controller or mouse and keyboard to play games on a mobile device. I myself find it unbearable to play bfbc 2 or FIFA on my phone.

  • monkers

    This is the same id software that has released the anticipated follow up to their succesful series. Totally misreading the market, not sure they have their finger on the pulse! I agree with the comments re dedicated consoles, thats the gamers future. 360 & PS3 stand head and shoulders above the rest in titles and online users. Just my 2 pennies worth.