The App Store just turned three, and it never ceases to amaze us.

We all know how much of a commercial success it has been with how many apps have been downloaded. But from the new data Apple has disclosed about the App Store’s 15 billionth download milestone, we can draw some interesting conclusions…

1) More apps are being downloaded. In 2010, the average iOS user would download 51 apps. This year, the number of downloads has increased to 83- an impressive 61% growth. And as the number of iOS users increase, these figures are destined to grow even more.

2) More apps are being sold. In 2010, the number of paid apps dropped by 18%. But this year, it has increased by 14%. So, not only do people download more apps, but they are also willing to pay more for them.

3) The App Store overshadows the competition. There are 200,000 apps available in the Android Market. Apple, on the other hand, offers 425,000+. And don’t forget that not every app in the Android Market is compatible with every device. So the actual number of apps is radically inferior.

4) There are many, many free apps. If you don’t want to pay for your apps, then don’t worry- because you don’t have to. 82% of apps in the App Store are free, and the remaining 18% have an average price of $1.44. Not exactly expensive.

You might think that the App Store alone is enough reason for buying an iPhone, and you would be right. It works together with iOS devices to form the perfect ecosystem for your daily life. Don’t you agree?


  • mostafa mak

    of course i agree

  • Igeek1218

    Apple rocks….. Android kicks rocks

  • Justin

    Out of the 425,000 apps on the app store, are they compatible with every iDevice? I think there are apps that I can not put on my first gen iPhone. (iMovie?) I’m not trying to bash the app store, I think it’s great and I’m glad I have an iPhone instead of a droid. That statement just made me think about it.

    • Cameron

      Same with most EA games on my iTouch 2G! But the Android Market is almost equal to the App Store in my eyes, it’s a good OS, and all the fanboys out there who haven’t even laid eyes on an Android and still say it’s rubbish; please give us a break!

  • Angelo

    And don’t forget that not every app in the App Store is compatible with every device. That would be nice but isin’t the case. For example a big ton of apps is not compatibel to iPod Touch 1g and 2g due to lack of new firmware. Also iPad only Software not on other devices. And you can add Hardware differencies as well, there are good reasons for let not run all apps on all devices. But in Android Market its simply the same situation. I don’t like Android much, but your statement is simply wrong.


    I remembered now why I stopped following you guys on Twitter; severe case of fanboism.

    An objective post would be nice; no need to be “AMAZED!!!”. Geez. I’m a huge fan of some Apple products but nothing I hate more than biased bloggers towards (or against) Apple. Just be objective dude.

    • William

      Ridiculous. I challenge you to find an Apple-centric blog without any fanboism.

      • Yboy403

        It might be true that this post is biased towards Apple, but it’s a blog. They’re allowed to write what they want, and you don’t have to read it.

  • Craig

    424 900 of them are rubbish though, it has to be said lol

  • Kvas

    The App Store has been better for me because of the Netflix support. Statistics don’t make the App Store better. A lot of paided apps in the App Store are free or have similar apps in the Market.