Apple released iOS 5 Beta 3 earlier today, and as usual when a new build is available, we are tracking down every cool new feature. I just found out about this new one while playing around the Settings app for my iPad.

If you go to Settings > General > Sounds and select “Text Tone,” for example, you will be offered many more tones to choose from. I’m not 100% sure how many of these tones are new. but it seems to me that iOS 5 Beta 3 gives us access to 20 more tones…

Among these tones, there are a few we had already heard before but we couldn’t manually attribute. We can now use all these tones as a ringtone, text tone, new mail tone, sent mail tone, sent tweet, calendar alert, and reminder alert.

  • Anticipate
  • Bloom
  • Calypso
  • Choo Choo
  • Descent
  • Ding (we already knew this one)
  • Fanfare
  • Ladder
  • Minuet
  • News Flash
  • Noir
  • Sherwood Forest (my favorite)
  • Spell
  • Suspense
  • Swoosh (we already knew this one)
  • Telegraph
  • Tiptoes
  • Tweet (this one was available with beta 1)
  • Typewriters
  • Update

Update: So apparently these aren’t new, even though I can’t seem to find track of them on my other iDevices. At any rate, what’s new is that you can assign them to specific alerts.

How do you like these?

  • Kel

    I have all of these (save ding, tweet and swoosh) in 4.3.3.

    • yeah I just updated the post. My bad

  • fixed

    I’m on 4.3.3 (3GS), but only have the 6 original text tones…

  • Steve J

    Just like fixed above, I am also on 4.3.3 on a 3GS and only have the six. Is this an iPhone 4 thing?

    • Kel

      It is. I had completely forgotten about our exclusivity.

      • charlie

        when iphone 5 or 4s comes out, you will not receive some features too. even though your phone is completely cable of handling it. this is why i dont like apple, and why i wish i didnt like idevices-but i do :'(

  • I’d love to see custom text tones be part of iOS 5. Love it as a feature of my JB’d phone..

    • Ian

      They can be! iOS 5 Beta 3 gives you access to set your ringtones as text tones, that includes the ones you make on garage band or get from other sources!

    • DenSen

      Actually there are custom text tones in beta 3 as a new feature.

  • Audrey

    I am on iPhone 4 and I don’t have them
    Why????? And when can I have download for them