We’ve seen some useful custom widgets come out of the jailbreak community in the last few weeks- UISettings and StatusGoogle to name a few. But we’ve also seen some not-so-useful offerings, like ScreenLocker. Who needs another way to toggle the display’s lock orientation?

Although some widgets might not be as useful to some as others, it’s still cool that they’re available. iOS 5 has only been out a month, so it’s just nice that developers are churning out tons of stuff for us to play with. That being said, here’s SlideCenter

This widget falls in the latter category of widgets that I mentioned above. There really isn’t a reason for it, but it’s cool that it’s there. Maybe some folks would appreciate a slide show of photos in their Notification Center pull-down menu, but I’ll pass.

SlideCenter grabs photos from your camera roll and plays them in a slideshow in its widget space. Actually it can pull photos from both /var/Mobile/Media/DCIM/100Apple and var/Mobile/Media/Photo/Data/Sync folders. As of right now, there’s no way to customize the slideshow.

As I said before, I’m not sure who would need a constant slideshow widget in their Notification Center. But for folks who want to check SlideCenter out, just make sure you have http://thebigboss.org/ios5beta/ in your Cydia source list and do a search for it.

What do you think of SlideCenter?

  • techno


  • Lupius


    I added this and it’s not showing anything. Do you have to be running iOS 5 just to see what packages are available?

    • Nick

      Ofcourse u need to be running iOS5… How else ur gonna see the Notification center?!

      • Lupius

        I rephrased my first comment at least 3 times to avoid confusion, but apparently some people still can’t read.

        Do you have to be running iOS 5 just to see what packages are available on that repository? Because it’s showing blank on my cydia.

  • Pinto

    Is in a french repo : http://www.iphone3gsystem.fr/cydia

  • Well buddy. Notification Center is exclusively for iOS5, didn’t you read much before asking such a question?
    Anyway the real problem is, even though you install it and after respring then enabling the widget, I still see the dark blank space in it, with no photos in it, I made the var/Mobile/Media/Photo/Data/Sync manually using iFile + added some picture to it and rebooted the device, yet. no change. always the blank space 🙁

  • Macho

    i am having that same problem i installed the slidecenter widget and it just shows a blank square 🙁

  • Dakota

    You have to add them to the var/mobile/media/photodata/sync folder through ssh or ifile.