Do you consider yourself to be on the extreme side when it comes to organizing your iPhone’s Home screen? Perhaps you’re crazy about meticulously organizing each and every app in its appropriate folder?

Really, when it comes to organizing your iPhone, there’s no limit to how far you can take it. That’s where a tweak like PageNames comes in.

PageNames is a tweak that lets you assign names to specific pages on your iPhone’s Home screen, and this allows for even greater organization. Talk about taking OCD to the next level…

As simple as PageNames is, I’m surprised that Apple hasn’t allowed something like this in the stock iOS builds. Though, even the notoriously picky Apple probably has its limits.

If you’re OCD interested, this tweak is yet another TweakWeek tweak available on Cydia for free to jailbreakers.

Do you think PageNames is a good idea? Or do you think it’s a case of organization gone too far?

  • James

    Nice tweak and vid as usual Jeff. I have pretty bad OCD but i’m the other way where I prefer to hide all labels than label everything a specific way lol

  • Cool

  • potamus

    Hey jeff,

    What’s that cloud icon you have on the top right side?

    • Usersean

      That question gets asked about every video he makes lol.

      It’s WeatherIcon by David Ashman. Dude that wrote LockInfo and PopupBlocker : )

  • AppleBits

    LOL – some page names: “Coolest Shiz”, “meh – OK Shiz”, “Never Use-but paid for Shiz” and “I have no clue where to put this Shiz”. 😀
    Seriously tho…fun tweak, but I’m with James on this one. Less is more in some OCD cases. 😉

  • James

    No worky for me! It installed but the bar won’t show in wiggle mode. Bummer!

    I’m using Big Red’s iPhone!

    • Ryan22

      Yeah won’t work for me either

    • James

      I worked on my iPad 2.

      It did not work on the iPhone oe my 4th gen touch.

      The space is there but the bar is I’m the left corner of the screen. You can see little flash the names are changing when a page is turned but that’s it. I can’t even edit it. Must be conflicting with another tweak. I turned of barrel but still won’t work!

    • blackd0g

      Doesn’t work for me either. But I’d like a tweak like this, I like things organised.

      • blackd0g

        Taking out Wraparound made it work.

  • Andy

    And I’m with James and applebits!! If you have my kinda OCD you prob have just one home screen and all other apps neatly sorted into exactly 4-5 which can be placed on the scrollingboard’s second page, away from prying eyes and restless hands! But great video as usual!

    • James

      Lol I have all apps in 1 folder and all games in another in name order within the folder and then all my icons (inc folders) on the dock, OCD rules lol and I love having my springbaord clear and being able to see all the wallpaper. I even had to edit my wallpapers with an opaque bar at the top of them so that they blend in and look like there is a transparent status bar as opposed to the black opaque 1 lol and I know there are things from winterboard that make it transparent but I refuse to use winterboard as it is a ram hog and causes issues with the answer and reject buttons when receiving a call.

      • Andy

        Neat idea James, but in the status bar I have the time, date, mem usage that keep changing. What do you do about that stuff?

  • James

    Got it! For me the tweak “wraparound” is the one that prevents it from working.

    I removed the “wraparound” and it worked!

    Yeah for me!

  • Gus Me

    Came to post that wraparound was the guilty tweak for me as well, but James beat me to it.

  • moob

    Lol i like how before folders we had multiple pages and how folk were frustrated at having a cluttered SB, then folders came which helped immensely to tidy things up, now full circle here we have PageNames which encourages the original multi-page SB format again 😛

  • ALEV

    It doesn’t work in my iphone4 with wraparound installed