Those of you who have been experiencing bugs after using JailbreakMe will be glad to find out that Comex made some fixes to the kernel patches for the userland jailbreak, and these fixes have been pushed as an “Essential Upgrade” in Cydia.

To get this update, simply launch Cydia and you should be prompted to upgrade. Make sure you do not run JailbreakMe again over your current jailbreak. Instead, let Cydia do the job for you…

A few people had been experiencing this issue where the Cydia icon would disappear. iPad owners who tried to use the Camera Connection Kit would also encounter issues because of JailbreakMe. This Cydia update will most likely fix that.

Thanks pukka for confirming this fixes the camera connection kit as well.

  • Andrew

    Does this help with the bitesms issue?

    • I’m not sure if this will fix BiteSMS issue.

      • Steve

        On Comex’s twitter it says that he fixed it.

    • whats is this

  • Do we all have to upgrade or just people whose cydia icon disappears?
    Also i have been experiencing issues with installous, After a while of havin it opened in the background to keep DL apps, it stops working and only that little DL screen is functional in the installous…

    • If Cydia tells you to update, go ahead and update.

      • Thanks for the mention, I had been waiting all weekend while on vacation for the iPad Camera connector update to work so I was quick on installing the Cydia update and testing it out. To my surprise it worked nicely( iPad 2 Wifi 32gb 4.3.3 )

  • Jeromy

    My iPhone 4 refuses to jailbreak. It gets halfway thru and the Cydia icon just disappears. Is this the issue you’re talking about?

    If Cydia icon disappears, how are you supposed to update Cydia?

    • JP

      Do a fresh restore so that nothing is on your phone but the original 4.3.3 files. Immediately visit JBMe and try. I had this issue when i put a clean 433 on, but restored my apps before visiting JBMe. Must JB fresh.

      • Steve

        You beat me! >:(

    • Steve

      Restore your iPhone and I believe the Jailbreak should work. Plus delete your Safari catche, cookies, history too. I think the update is for people who have their cydia disappear quite some time after they jailbroke.

  • I Can confirm that this will fix the iPad Camera Connector Kit Issue, thanks Comex!

  • Jeromy

    Thanks, I tried wiping my Safari cache/history/cookies, I will try the restore. It worked flawless on my iPad 2.

    • Steve

      Actually Comex did an update to fix the disapearing Cydia.

  • Craig

    Am I missing something, i’ve just done a clean restore to 4.3.3 and just this minute jailbroke my iPhone 4 with JailBreakMe but when I open cydia I get no prompts to update anything ???

    • Kuipo

      That’s probably because the new jailbreake is updated

  • Badlands

    I went to Cydia on my iPad 2 and no essential upgrade and the camera kit still doesnt work. Went over to and it says it says it can’t jailbreak my 4.3 when it already did couple days ago. What gives? I just want the camera kit to work

    • Why not update to 4.3.3 in the first place, no point in being behind. If thats a problem then close cydia completely and re-open, When mine did the update I was actually going through cydia apps for 5 minutes then it popped up

  • Dane

    My battery meter will not go to 100% after using jailbreak me. White iPhone 4. It stayed at 98% even when it charged all night

  • Miss C

    i Have a Verizon Iphone Running IOS 4.2.8 firmware and i just jailbreak earlier today but a couple of hours later my Phone froze and it turns out it was Bricked… I restore it in Itunes but every time i Go to and install Cydia and then Run the Cydia App my Phone Freezes and its Brick all over again this happened 4 Times for me is there Anyone who’s having this issue also and how can i fix this…I Really wanna Jailbreak my Iphone4 and just seems so simple than the other Options.

    • Same issue I’m having on same version phone. Can anyone help? I don’t have it in me to wait on Another restore. Does a restore normally take so many hours to finish like I have experienced? please post any suggestions that anyone may have on what to do. Btw. After restore Cydia is no longer in the apps menu. I have had to go to each time to access Cydia app. Two attempts. IPhone 4. 4.3.7.

      • Correction. I have version 4.3.8.

  • Dane

    Comex rushed this release. New bugs keep popping up and he doesn’t seem to have a solution for them all

    • TBDM147

      Make your own jailbreak then.

    • as if comex owes u something.

      fyi, the jailbreak is for free.

  • James

    Ok, I ran the Cydia update and it was a DIRECT HIT! Everything is running great! I am loading my iphone pics right now! Also my USBs work too!

    The TW fix worked too! My jailbroke Ipad is working AWESOME!!!!!!!! Thanks Comex and Cydia!



  • Athaiguy

    Thanks for the fix works great !

  • Roger Servin

    Just jailbroke my iPhone 3GS 4.3.3 and now the iPod will not launch. Tried to reboot, no joy. Went to Cydia and haven’t seen an “essential upgrade” pop up yet. What’s up?

  • James

    I believe the essential upgrade is for iPad 2 only.

  • Mr. Sims

    I recieved the “essential upgrade on my iphone 4” that i jb with jbme 3.0, just would like to know if Comex cydia update fixed the issue with Bitesms.

  • Wouter van Caspel

    Sorry I pasted something completely strange here. I only wanted to ask if the upgrade works on the iPad 1 too, including the Camera Connection Kit

  • jdub

    I can confirm the previous post- the latest update bricks Verizon 4.2.8 iPhones.

  • Wouter van Caspel

    You don’t need THE essential uipgrade for iPad 1 is my experience. When you start Cydia after the jailbreak you don’t see theer popup on iPad 1. I only installed the PDF patcher 2. Camera Connection Kit works on iPad 1 after the jailbreak with Comex’ jailbreakme.

  • Merge3263

    I just jail broke my iPad 2 today does that mean that I don’t need the patch cuz it’s not showing up on cydia

  • Wouter van Caspel

    I jailbroke my iPad 1 today. And installed the PDF Patcher 2. The essential upgrade by Comex didn’t show in Cydia. But the Camera Connection Kit works and no other problems sofar.

    • It didn’t show up because it Cydia came with the upgrade when you jailbroke erlier today.

      • malrumaih

        Any one knows if the iBook issues has been fixed?

  • Met with success.

  • Jimmy

    Bitesms is still not working for me even though I jailbreak sent my iphone to infinite loop.

  • elnegrocab

    Just jailbreak 2 iphone4, Bitesms installed and no signs of issues ;). Thankx to comex!!!

  • Kbuf

    Why are the lockscreen themes not working?

  • shri

    Am not getting the prompt for essential upgrade on my ipad 2 cydia. Any help anybody ?

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