With Apple’s iPhone 4 possessing one of the best cameras for recording HD video around, it’s understandable that we all want to get as much use out of it as possible.

The only problem with the iOS Camera app is it’s just so slow to access. Add in the time taken to tap the icon for changing from still to camera mode, and chances are you’ve just missed whatever it was you wanted to film in the first place.

Capture is an App Store app that offers a much quicker way to record video on the iPhone, without the need to sit and wait for Apple’s own app to go through the motions…

As Lifehacker points out, what makes Capture so useful is the fact that, once the app icon is tapped, the app instantly begins recording – no more interaction required, no delay. The usual flash button is in there, should you need it, and tap-to-focus is also present.

Closing the app by pressing the iPhone’s home button automatically saves the recorded video to your camera roll.

Capture is one of those apps that makes up for its lack of features and options with its simplicity and good old fashioned usefulness.

Download Capture for $0.99 in the App Store, we’re sure you’ll love it.

  • ophf

    they need this to take pictures
    and my first first

  • AppleBits

    FINALLY! And Ophf is right…. we need a photo one as well. Very cool!

    • Cameron

      Umm it’s called the camra app and it is already on your homescreen… You can drag it into your dock if you like…

      • AppleBits

        Golleeee…thanks for that tip. Would NEVER figured that shiz out on my own. Umm…but I think what the point was, in a more simple statement, was an app that would make the camera open faster and take the photo faster. Sorta like this video option.
        Thanks for the tip tho. Made my day.

      • Cameron

        lol no problems 😉

  • James

    Snappy via cydia

    • AppleBits

      Thanks, James. 🙂

      • James

        No problem! I used activator to give me a action to launch it!

  • Mike

    You could even set this app to an activator action. Then u could instantly launch and record at any time.

  • Steve

    Seems very useful! Only if this was free…

  • TottalyBrit

    There’s only one app you need for this. Snappy (jailbreak). I have mine set up as follows, by swiping on the status bar: swipe left to right -Still photos, swipe right to left – Video, from any screen, yes even the lock screen. Even CameraLock doesn’t come close the effectiveness off Snappy.