Last week we told you about how Time Warner Cable was restricting owners of jailbroken iPads to use their application. If you launch their app on a jailbroken iPad, you will get a message informing you that “TWCable TV is not supported on jailbroken devices.”

At the time, I speculated that this measure was to prevent non TWC subscriber to use the application, and I still believe this is the reason behind the block. As usual, the jailbreak community was quick to react and a .deb file was made available on the same day, allowing jailbroken iPads to use the app anyway…

The .deb file workaround was working well, but it did require a bit of work on your end. There is now an easier way to bypass this Time Warner Cable restriction, simply by installing the FakeTimeWarner (FTW) app from Cydia.

FakeTimeWarner is completely free and will do exactly what the .deb file did, except you won’t have to toy around your iPhone filesystem yourself.

Nice, isn’t it?

  • James

    Yes and it works perfectly!

  • Mac

    thank you for teaching those jerks a

  • Well played jailbreakers.

  • Angelo

    A great example for the Streisand effect.
    I think if they hadn’t added this blocking for jailbroken devices nearly no one would come to the idea of abusing the service. So no after doing so it was only a matter of time for a by pass and a great public interest in using it. Especially since it was forbidden.

  • Can’t stop the revolution viva iPhone

  • zCausper

    does this work with other apps to ?
    or does it have to be made for specefict apps ?

    The voddler app (it a movie streaming service) has kind of the same error message.
    i cant test because my iphone is at repair…..

    any oter know if it works with other apps witch has simmilair block ?

    sry 4 my bad english, it summer vacation and my brain is turned off (;

  • Val M

    This is so absolutely awesome! I updated that damn TWC app and I got that error afterwards. I was so bummed!

  • mike D

    It seems you folks are all ‘cheaters’… However, Jailbreaking an iPHone is NOT illegal. I suppose the only offense is you’ll lose your warranty.. but iPad is so Tech. well built, nothing goes wrong with them anyways… BUT.. that’s beside my point. You go a step further.. to build/find a fix that goes around the block of jailbreak… which frankly is cheating in my book anyways. Infringing upon TimeWarner’s attempt to block you (FOR WHATEVER REASON.. it doesn’t matter)… You are all thieves. But, I suppose, No, I know this is America and Freedom generally rules… But, try to say that to the illegal alliens.. who break the rules.. or the ‘stealing’ of potential income (yes, we live in a Capitalist society) of TimeWarner from getting new customers.. just by owning a Virgen iPad you can also then purchase a monthly Cable fee.. to play on your iPad. So.. have at it liars, cheaters and people who just don’t want to do things the right way. Teach your children that stuff also, oh yeah.. that’ll make another great generation.

    • kvnb56

      Your such a bitch I hate people like u, ur freaking worthless and no one cares how u feel. It’s our devices we can do with them what we plz. Who the f@$k are you to talk down to us?

    • kvnb561

      Lmao u act as if being a capitalist is wrong ur seriously misinformed you feel companies have the right to capitolize but not the people? This is America this is what we do we capitalize on any and everything this is progress idiot. How is computer security going to get better if people aren’t out there hacking the systems. This is how loophole are found and close, this is the circle of life baby but plz pull the stick out ur ass, I bet your a very lonely person cuz ur views are jacked up. Probably was a spoiled kid who got anything they wanted. Never been poor or not have enough money to indulge your every luxury. People like you Republicans are the reason why America is failing now. And yes I know your republican by the obvious close-mindedness and irritable thought process.

    • How Are WE thieves if WE PAY FOR TIMEWARNER SERVICE which is too much DAMN Money ANYWAYS! Stealing is when you take something that does not be;long to you…MY IPAD is MINE & MY TIMEWARNER acct is ALSO MINE!!! Go Kick Rocks!

    • Kriegar

      The only liar, cheater, and thief here, is you. If the way they use their equipment is not illegal-and it is not-it is none of YOUR business, nor that of Time-Warner, hw they use it. And, in fact, the theft here is yours, ans Time Warners, for attempting to block someone from utilising their equipment as they see fit, when it is well within the bounds of the law. So, paid shill for coporate abuse, go suck a lemon somewhere else, the thinking world is not listening to your bullshit.

  • Big AL

    LOL, this shit got political faster than normal.

  • Dovi

    any chance to create the same thing for “Bloomberg for iPad”??? i really need this

  • jir0nimo

    Lol. Oh the double standards. You forgot, we over took this country by lying and cheating, and stealing. You can’t complain about something that you are. GTFO! Lol. Btw, illegal aliens are not stealing potential income. Your lazy ass just isn’t going out there and looking. Illegal aliens come to our country and seek out resources and aid. You sit your lazy ass at home, expecting it to be handed to you.

  • Brian

    Does this work for Optimum app or other blocked apps?

  • Frezer Getie

    what’s the source

  • twc guy

    i work for twc and there is no real reason. you have to be on your own twc home internet to use the app to watch live tv so you are not stealing anything…the only thing you can use outside of your house is scheduling rec for you dvr. its actually stupid that they block jailbroken advices and rooted android devices. so trying to say ppl are stealing is completely incorrect and you sound like an ass.

  • What version of the app do you guys have that this works on

  • Kriegar

    Download link?

  • Thank You. TWC shouldn’t be doing that with their app since they are milking us poor bastards for every penny in programming to begin with … but now it doesn’t matter anyway. 🙂