One of the nicest things about SBSettings is the ability to quickly view your iPhone’s important vital statistics such as available RAM and IP Addresses.

What if you could access that same information quickly from your iPhone’s lock screen? Wouldn’t that be neat?

With TapClockInfo — a jailbreak tweak for the iPhone — now you can. Check inside for a video demonstration of it in action…

Along with providing you with your iPhone’s vital signs, TapClockInfo also allows you to easily respring from your lock screen.

Like all TweakWeek tweaks, this one’s a free download on Cydia for those of you with jailbroken iPhones.

Have you tried it yet? What did you think about it?

  • This seriously makes me want to jailbreak…. but I’ll wait and see if it ( will work for iOS 5.0. If it doesn’t….. I’ll have to choose.

  • SillyBear

    Isn’t it easier to just swipe the lockscreen status bar and access sbsettings?

    1 Swipe gesture > 4 taps

    Yes i’m that lazy.

    • Eric

      Agree completely. SBSettings works on the lock screen. This is just pointless redundancy. Which is what most of cydia is now.

      • Cameron

        But it has a neater design

    • It’s not about lazy. It’s about function. If I have something that works, & works well. Why would I replace it with someone’s programing exercise that may increase the likelihood of crashing. Just because someone makes it, doesn’t mean we need to use it.

      Yeah. I’ll pass on this one. Thanks. ☺

  • James

    Cydia is fastly becoming like the App Store, a handful of useful tweaks and loaaaaads of pointless shit lol. I recall seeing a post the other day about there being over 500 000 apps or something in the App Store but i bet 450 000 are utter rubbish, I was searching new apps the other day and came across a talking Justin Bieber app and 1 called Mini Gay Boyfriend, Apple should focus on quality not quantity.

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  • Abdul

    I will pass on too, Cuz Sbseting is much faster and easier for me…