Our friends at RazorianFly don’t just report Apple news, they actually make wallpapers, too! The RazorianFly iOS Wallpaper Collection is home to the site’s very own wallpaper designs.

These wallpapers have a very unique design style that may not be for everyone, but they’re still cool iOS wallpapers that some of you may be interested in…

The latest wallpaper, Orikis, was recently released alongside the 9 other wallpapers currently available for free. Each wallpaper can be downloaded for the iPhone 4’s Retina Display and the iPad. And they all look great, especially with a black iOS keyboard.

Head over to RazorianFly’s page to check out and download these wallpapers: www.walls.razorianfly.com

Let us know what you think of these wallpapers in the comments below!

  • kjeldor

    Off topic: Hey Seb, (or anyone similar to having my issue), have you ever encountered something like this? I used to have a 3gs, now an i4, So I transferred my contacts via iTunes from goggle contacts, (i don’t know if this has got to do with my problem) so when I try to dial a number on the dial pad of the i4 that has been saved on my contacts, the name of the contact doesn’t show, even after hitting call. But calling from inside the contacts list, name comes out fine…

    also I noticed something different, when trying to save a new number, I dial it in the dallier, then hit DONE, the number stays behind, but then no name below… I double check on the contact list, and the new number is saved there..

    • kjeldor

      I am JB on 4.3.3 using jailbreakme.com
      and I’m using a GEVEY sim, if that has anything to do with it…

  • i am going to ask an off topic question.I jailbreak my iphone 4 (4.3.3) but after that every thing is working except from skype,before it was on 4.2.1 but skype is working fine on this version.can anybody help me to solve this problum,thanks in advance.

  • i solved the problum thanks to help me,