Comex’s new exploit is easily the best jailbreaking tool ever developed. Not only is it much faster than previous methods, it’s as easy to use as downloading an app.

Another reason JailbreakMe comes out on top is that you don’t need a computer to run the software. Everything is done from the device. This creates an interesting dynamic for jailbreaking, because now you can do it almost anywhere. Even in an Apple Store… 

Since the process has become so quick and easy, it was only a matter of time before pranksters hit the retail scene. With countless iDevices on display in stores around the globe, the unprotected gadgets make a great target for practical jokers.

9to5Mac brings us this video, sent in by one of their readers, of a Smart Sign display (basically an iPad 2 running retail software) inside an Apple Store being jailbroken.

Now typically, you’re not supposed to be able to access anything on these iPad 2s. They are just there to display information about other Apple products. However, it appears that this individual bypassed the Smart Sign software and made his move.

While we don’t recommend that anyone try this, it’s admittedly funny. It would have been interesting to see reactions of the retail staff once the jailbreak was discovered. I’m guessing we’ll see iOS 4.3.4 any day now.

What do you think?

  • David

    Install SBSettings and Hide Cydia with Poof….. No one would even know.

    • Manuel

      Then when some one try’s to jailbreak it like this moron again without knowing its already jailbroken, and the iPad freezes, it’s this morons fault. Stupid videos like this just push apple to make updates faster.

  • Pukka

    Looks like he had to tether it to his phone to bypass the block on jailbreakme through apples router.

  • Dick Fontaine

    modifying devices that aren’t yours isn’t that funny really, IMO

    • Manuel


    • Jon Garrett

      depends on how you define modifying. when people go into stores to check out devices like tablets and phones, they tend to install apps to see how they run.

      • Dick Fontaine

        That’s probably hwy half the shit in the store doesn’t work properly

  • joboy667

    although a bit funny this will push apple for the update and prob get sum1 sacked from the store lol

    • Rick maahea

      I doubt any1 will get fired for that.

      • Manuel

        At fifth ave in NYC, one I’m around, a lot of people got canned for it. The idea of doing it is dumb, because it puts negative stuff to us jailbreakers, then apple for the PDF crap, thus the idiots who bitch about it, then forcing an update. How fast did 4.0.2 hit, then get shipped & updated to all swap out iDevices? Pretty quick.

    • Rick maahea

      Matter of fact when ever they discovered it I’m sure they had a good laugh

      • Caitlin

        I work at a Starbucks in the same shopping center as an Apple Store in Tennessee, and I’m good friends with one of the managers who has told me that more than half the employees there have jailbroken iPhones and iPads. I’m sure they’d love to see a jailbroken device in store!

  • Mac

    for me that illegal to go in apple store and
    jailbreak their property without their permission how this guy will feel if somebody
    did it to him in his house on his ipad without
    his permission.

  • Shawn

    They’ll do like last time and put a proxy on their wifi for jailbreakme to redirect to
    They did that with the Jailbreakme 2.0

    • That won’t help if you use 3G.

  • shred

    They do block now. But if there is a Verizon iPhone around you can use that to get the iPad to the site like I did yesterday. Lol

  • DeltaJB

    lol did it on 3 ireland today ha ha ha! id love to see the faces of them in the shop! i did the iphone 4 and i pad lol!!! ha ha ha

    • DomPerignon

      Stupid MORONS like you are contributing, at a fast pace, for the release of iOS 4.3.4

  • Connormc964

    Why don’t they just downgrade it to 4.3.2? Oh wait, THEY CAN’T LOL!!!!!!! 😀

  • lol that’s funny

  • Jason Masters

    You shouldn’t do that It’s not polite.

  • Bryan

    Video link is broken

  • Nicolas

    Lol video got claimed by Apple XD

  • Shahzad

    lol…this is so wicked…

  • babe

    For the long lasting jailbreak community, we should never wake the tiger (apple) from sleep!

  • Sisko

    Steve Jobs jailbroke the iPad, films him self, and now obviously claims the rights. Oh boy!

  • Kc

    It would have been extra funny to install isystem loader on them and have them all set to android for display!!!!

  • Adrian Hamelink

    For everybody asking, I shut down the iPad to get to the homescreen, went to settings, connected to my phone, shut down, opened Safari and jailbroke. Original video is here

    P.S. This was done in the Apple Store in Rive (Geneva, Switzerland). If you get a chance, see if it is still jailbroken. It is the first Smart Sign on the left, displaying a 3Gs