Today the space shuttle Atlantis lifted off for the last time, but its last mission is going to be remembered by Apple enthusiasts for something else as well. Captain Chris Ferguson and his crew are carrying with them two iPhone 4s. These iPhones run a special app called “SpaceLab for iOS” especially designed for this occasion by Odyssey Space Research, an engineering Houston-based company.

Through this app, astronauts are going to perform several experiments by taking advantage of the iPhone cameras, gyroscope and sensors. One of these experiments is actually quite interesting: it’s a test to see if the iPhone’s memory can be affected by space radiations.”If a smartphone can be proved to work in space,” says Chris Bridges, researcher for Odyssey Space Research, “it opens up lots of new technologies to a multitude of people and companies for space who usually can’t afford it.”

The fact that the iPhone, and especially the technology inside it, was chosen to conduct experiments in space is something Apple should be proud of. It was a smart choice by NASA as well. Why should they spend millions of dollars developing a device to conduct experiments when such a thing already exists? All they needed was an app, and now there’s one for that.


  • DeltaJB

    Cool 🙂

  • Synergy

    proud to be an iphone 4 user 😀

  • Filippo

    Grande articolo Chè!
    Proud to be an Appler!

  • Brandy.

    I want an i4 :(.

    • Kuipo

      I wan an iPhone 5!!
      I still have a 3GS but there is no point on buying an iPhone 4 now

      • CPAmember

        Same here, waiting for iPhone 5.

  • I watched it live at work being in the uk these things generally don’t get much coverage however the BBC posted a live feed on the BBC news page I watched it for 2 hours never seen a live launch from start to finish it was pretty cool
    We knew about the ip4 going on Atlantis it was reported on idb about a month ago
    At least it’s not an android phone up there

    I wonder if the test is to run jailbreakme in space lol

  • BoNzY

    Bet they don’t get a signal. Lol
    And I hope they got otterbox cases, just in case this shuttle blows up !

    • Cameron

      LOL I was saying that through the hole launch: It’s gunna blow!

  • rolisrgti06

    Too little too late now that the US has abandoned the manned space program. We will rue the day.

  • kevinmy

    “Why should they spend millions of dollars developing a device to conduct experiments when such a thing already exists?”

    LOL… this reminds me of a urban legend of Space Pen… see this link

  • Kuipo

    Were they jailbroken??? 

    • Connormc964

      Haha yeah. Huston we have a problem! What is it? Activator doesn’t work in space! :O

  • Ken

    Wonder if they were required to be in airplane mode.

    • Ernesto Castellanos


  • kontol