My iPad 2 is currently running iOS 5 Beta 2, and one of my favorite features is without a doubt the multi-touch gestures. These allow you to perform basics tasks such as flicking through apps, closing apps, or making the multitasking tray appear – all with simple gestures.

We’ve already seen how to enable multi-touch gestures on the iPhone, but with the recent iPad 2 jailbreak, many people have been asking me how to enable those gestures on the iPad. Turns out that’s it’s still the same old process, but I thought it’d be nice to revive this post for those that are new to jailbreaking…

This post will show you how to enable multi-touch gestures on your iPad.

Step 1: Make sure your iPad is jailbroken. If not, see our jailbreak section.

Step 2: Launch Cydia and search for “MT Gestures Theme.” Install this app. If you don’t have WinterBoard installed, it will install it as well.

Step 3: Launch WinterBoard and select the right gestures for your device. Close WinterBoard and let your iPad respring.

Step 4: Go to Settings > General > and turn Multitasking Gestures to ON.

That’s it. Now enjoy multi-touch.

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  • Mick

    Personally I never used this on the iPhone as I just use activator for setting up gestures and don’t like usinf lots of fingers to swipe.

  • Kurt

    four fingers is annoying to use. i love the concept. but other OSes do it better…let us swipe from the bezel and across the screen with less fingers to go from one app to another. four fingers is not magical.


  • Acemel

    Not working here, I installed winterboard and selected the iPad 2 Gestures, but the enable switch doesn’t show in the menu :-/

  • Tbv

    This works great on my iPad and my wife’s iPad 2. Saves you home button from being worn out. The iPod touch and iPhone is too small for this to be useful.

  • EJ

    I use the XCode 4 method on my now Jailbroken iPad 2 because by far I find it the best. I think winterboard makes my app names all white and unreadable… I bought xcode for $5 and it’s a great price for making apps and mt gestures.

    • Eric

      Get better white icon labels in cydia. Restores labels drop shadow. Looks stock.

  • ssombra

    Is it possible to delete the theme and winterboard after the installation? Although this tweak sounds good, I would prefer to mantain jb apps to the minimum.


    • Rusty

      You can use redsn0w for that, just load up the ipsw and check off “enable multi-touch gestures” and you’re good to go!

      • ssombra

        thanks, but I forgot to mention that I have an iPad 2. I think redsn0w doesn’t work on iPad 2.

  • Casey

    If you buy Xcode ($5) you can enable development mode and use the gestures without jailbreaking.

    • ssombra

      Thanks for the answer, correct me if I am wrong, but you need a mac to do that, don’t you?

      • Casey

        I think there have been some ways to get Xcode working on windows but most likely too much work for no guaranteed result. But yeah it’s built only for Mac and it’s in the app store.

    • ssombra

      Thank you!
      I have found another solution involving making a backup and then changing some lines from aplist file, but i think it’s too much.
      I think I’ll pass for now.


  • scottilmnc

    I know this is off-topic but I’m stuck. I can’t update my iphone anymore, or my wife’s for that matter, because my phone gets stuck. It gets almost all the way done in the itunes updater but gets a little over halfway on the updater on my phone and then gets stuck. I’m using a new MacBook Pro to update our phones. I have go and use my old windows computer to update and then connect to the mac to get my backup. What’s the deal with this? I come to this site everyday(multiple times to be honest) and I haven’t seen any mention of it. Sebastien, I know you’re the man, can you point me in the right direction to solve this issue? I’ve read where tiny umbrella could be causing this. I deleted tiny umbrella and it still didn’t help. Any suggestions?

    • ssombra

      Hi, I am not an expert but i had a similar problem with my ipad but in windows, I couldn’t restore it. After some googling It turned out that tinyumbrella (i also have a iphone and I used tinyumbrella on it) had changed the “hosts”, file so I just manually changed it.
      In windows “hosts” is a non extension file located in the system folder (in a subfolder).
      Hope it helps you

  • scottilmnc

    You guys are awesome!!!! I can finally update from my mac! I ran into another problem though. My computer will not back up our phones. I deleted the old backups and tried but it won’t do it. I doesn’t even give me an option in iTunes to backup. Anybody know what the deal is with that?

  • scottilmnc turns out others have had this problem too. To fix this on a mac go to finder and search for “terminal”. Click on and when the screen comes up copy and paste this command:
    defaults write DeviceBackupsDisabled -bool false

    Restart iTunes and you can now backup the iphone.

    Not sure what caused it but here’s the fix.

  • nassim

    hey ppl with ipad 2 ,when in winterboar move ipad 2 gesture to b the first on the list and it will work

    • gallium

      Nope. Still not working.

    • Digitalus

      Yeah, not working here either. Tried moving it up too the top but no luck. Kinda disappointing.

  • bibbybibby

    try use ipad MT Gesture instead of ipad2.

  • not working ;(

  • Funked

    I used the .plist trick to enable gestures. The only downside is there is no option in to turn it on/off, which doesn’t bother me anyway because I’m not going to turn them off lol. By editing the .plist you enable the native gestures, I think it’s safer/better than using a winterboard replica of the gestures.

  • For those having problems search Cydia for Enable Multi Touch Gestures Theme. Install that and make sure is on in Winterboard (it will be at top).

    It will work now. Also, be aware it might not work with RetinaPad.

  • Anyone…??? HELP!!!

    Springboard Crash after install”LockDownPro” with “MTgenturesTheme” on iPad2?
    cause “iProtect” is caused SpringBoard Crash on my iPad2.