This Fall’s impending iPhone launch hasn’t only been a hotbed for rumors and speculation, it’s also attracted a slew of talented designers. Artists have been using their skills to form beautiful concepts of what Apple’s next smartphone may look like.

We’ve already shown you 2 amazing designs by Michal Bonikowski and Antoine Breiux, but both of them seemed a bit farfetched. However, the latest rendering floating around the web seems to be more in line with expectations for the next iPhone…

This concept comes from Brazilian graphics design student Schasiepen Martins Guilherme.  His renderings have been bouncing around Apple blogs for the last few days, so we figured they were worth sharing.

The thing that stands out about Martins’ concept, is how accurately it matches the current iPhone rumors. It sports a design very similar to the iPhone 4 and offers moderate hardware changes.

The rendering depicts a new 8-megapixel camera with full HD, which has been mentioned several times in recent reports, and a larger screen. Notice how the display is edge to edge to maintain a similar device size to that of the previous model.

Martins also believes that Apple will bump the resolution of the front-facing camera to allow for FaceTime HD. The graphics student has even repositioned the antenna to the bottom of the unit, you know, to fix that whole attenuation thing.

Overall, this concept represents a slimmer iPhone with a similar look and feel to its predecessor. And given the mounds of gossip that we’ve heard over the past several months, this thing could be dead on.

What do you think? Is this what you imagine the next iPhone will look like?

[MacMagazine via Redmond Pie]

  • Pawan

    Wow. I’d buy it in a heart beat. It sure is time for a larger screen.

  • Omarjk13

    That’s perfect!! and it’s so reasonible! i think the iPhone 5 will be similar very similar.

  • darrenwj

    Love it absolutely

  • geezer

    What about notification lights?

    • geezer

      Like it even more if this was included

    • Daniel

      I don’t understand why that would be a big deal, but a lot of people seem to want it judging by the comments on iDB 😛

  • Mick

    This is an iPhone 4 with an edge to edge screen, it’s hardly a beautiful concept, this is why these people are photoshop users and not actual designers for Apple. There is no way I would part with hundreds of pounds again for an iPhone that looks the same just has different internals !

    • yo

      The difference is that it’s thinner with a bigger screen and a better camera. thats what is better about it. also, if you look closely, the glass panels are attached the same way the iMac glass is attached, by glue and magnets. plus people like normally working antennas 😉

      • Mick

        That’s my point though, aesthetically it is virtually the same, not identical but not a radical re-design and for that reason alone I wouldn’t buy it, i’m 1 of those people that if I buy something to replace what I have I want it to not only be better but look better/different and this isn’t, for me, the glass on both sides has been a big fail and I always preferred the 3GS shape but hey that’s my opinion, we can’t all like the same things lol

    • yo

      also, it’s meant to be designed as a minor update with small changes, not something totally new

      • grdbvsbwu

        maybe, maybe not

  • gffdzjlngjd

    He forgot the thunderbolt port.

    • Daniel

      The iPhone 4 is thinner than a Thunderbolt port…

  • Chris

    looks the same….

  • Érico

    it does look the same and i think apple will not do something different from this. that’s why i think this is not a real concept. the designer only put together all the stuff we already know by far… but still a good design.

  • z8137

    This is a very nice design and the putting the antennas on the bottom of the phone is a smart idea cus no on touches there really. Great design.

  • Aleks

    awesome! love it!!

  • great and beautiful