The Warner Cable app for iPad just got an update, and if you’re a jailbreaker, you might want to stay away from it. The app that lets you watch cable TV on your iPad – assuming you are in your home – is now showing an error message to anyone using the app with a jailbroken iPad.

It’s actually kinda odd that such an app would have anti-jailbreak measures. My guess is that they want to prevent jailbreak developers from coming up with a way to use the TWC app from outside the house…

As TWCableUntangled notes, here are the current requirements to use this app:

“As a reminder, you must have an iPad running iOS 4.3 or later, a Time Warner Cable video package at the Standard/Expanded Basic level or higher, a WiFi connection, a Time Warner Cable My Services username and password, and a compatible cable box or DVR.”

By checking if the iPad is jailbroken at launch, they make sure to block usage of the app to potentially prevent smart jailbreakers to use it without the proper credentials.

I’ve personally never used this app. Have you? Are these new measures going to cause you trouble?

Update: Install this .deb file to bypass this stupid restriction. Don’t know how to install a .deb file? Here is how.

[Engadget – FSM]

  • MDZgirl

    then i guess everyone will simply cancel cable and watch netflix on their jailbroken or non jailbroken iphones, ipads, ipods oh and tvs at home as well…take that time warner! LOL

    • If the demand is there, I give it, what, a week? This will be thwarted.

  • James

    I’ve had TW for years and this is a spit in the face of a lot of pad owners! Who the hell are they to decide if the pad should be jailbroke or not?

    Luckly the selection sucked! Only a handfull of channels were offered! Honestly we use Netflix and ORB !

    Go suck it TW!!!!!!!

  • soccerkrzy

    I have Time Warner Cable’s Internet but use DirecTV for cable, so I’ve never been eligible. Time Warner Cable is one of the worst companies in America, so they’re continuing their trend (honestly, all media providers in the US are some of the top worst companies).

    I assume if there’s enough demand, someone will figure out a tweak to approve whatever TWC’s app is checking. If more apps start doing this shit though, I’ll start getting pissed off.

    • Lex Luger

      I cut my cable and use Netflix or use my 3G and pirate tv shows. I’m not paying for shit with them. I brought my mom a ps3 and said here’s netflix, enjoy. We all use it & if we wanna watch shows, we use hulu. Tell them to figure that one out.

  • peter jansen

    Today i tried to pay theater tickets from within their app (Pathé cinemas that allows Paypal transactions. Then I got a pop up saying : “Paypal doesn’t support jailbroken devices”, in my case a 3 Gs on 4.3.3. A new trend?

    • James

      I checked my PayPal app and I got in and it worked fine on my phone!

      So it must be the movie app!

  • James

    Well it’s not a “update”! It just happened!

    Oh well!

  • Mac

    it s time to get a dish!

  • James


    I have a jailbroke iPad 1 and 2

    The TW app still works on the 1st Ipad

    The TW app does not work on the 2nd Ipad

  • Bullet

    Slingbox FTW!

    • Steve Frawley

      Yeah, Sling and EyeTV and Netflix and lots of others will take my cash and support.
      I am not a pirate, but I’m also not a drone!

      BAA! TW is full of sheep!

  • Freddy

    update! I tried in with ifile and it shows as installed on cydia but I still get the same message. I am using an Ipad 2.

    • Lm

      Didn’t work for me either

  • Mac

    somebody need to file a complaint to FCC
    those TW taking people and forbid them from
    using the app jailbreaking is legal those
    jerks need a weak up call

    • Bill

      You may do what you wish with your own device (Jailbreaking is legal).

      TW is under NO obligation to provide any particular application, service, guarantee or warranty to your device.

      If you don’t like that, don’t STEAL it. Move along.

  • Thanks for this article. Installed the DEB and it worked like a charm.

  • Jordan

    The deb worked great. The Bloomberg Anywhere app does the same exact thing. Do you know if a DEB can be written for that as well? Thanks!

  • Sysadman

    Idea: how about a jb that maintains the requirement of Apple-signed-binaries only for App store apps. Since apps sometimes check for jb by (trying to) run an improperly signed binary, this would thwart that at a general level

  • MikeO

    iPad 4.3.1, installed deb file, I can see it in cydia, BUT the TW app sill not working. Any suggestions?

    • Anonymous

      Install xcon in cydia.