Spotify, the popular music streaming service, has been available in some European countries since 2008, gathering new members every day. Now it looks like it’s time for them to take the plunge and start offering their services in the US, too. If you navigate to their website, you can sign up by entering your email, and you will be notified as soon as they open for business.

With over 10 million registered users, 1 million of which are paying members, Spotify is one of the best services of its kind. What makes it so special is the fact that you can access it via a browser, or download the dedicated apps for iOS or Mac OS X. These apps have a gorgeous design and if you’re daring enough, they could even replace iTunes and the iPod app…

The guys at Spotify claim that their library contains over 13 million songs, which are way more than any computer can store, giving you an immense library from which to choose from.

Once the service is available, it certainly is going to be free for the basic stuff, but if you would like to take more out of Spotify, you can sign up either for the Unlimited or Premium packages. Looking at the European prices, we can guess that they are going to cost you $5 and $10 a month respectively. Refer to this page if you would like to know more about the features offered in the aforementioned packages.

Do you already stream music? Would you be tempted to switch to Spotify once it’s available? I would be.

  • Matt

    I like the fact that you’ve literally just swapped the £ for $. The price will probably be more in the regions of $7.99 and $15.99…

    • Francesco

      5€, 5£, therefore $5. I rest my case.

      • Matt

        Fair enough, although I don’t agree with the way these companies price up their products when they’re launched in other countries, the UK and other EU countries always end up paying more 🙁

  • BLiNK

    at first glance i did not see an option for unlimited skips. can anyone verify if it is possible?

  • Kmeezy

    I’m too lazy to go to the site, so can you tell me if it’s like pandora, or something like grooveshark where you can make a playlist?

    • blapp

      you make your own, or subscribe to other peoples playlists. There is also radio functionality within selected genres/decades etc, but not as good as

  • Eldaria

    Spotify is like having a massive music library.
    You can listen in any order you want, any amount of times you want, make playlists, add your local music files and mix them into a playlist together with the music from Spotify’s library.
    Then you can share your playlist with other Spotify users, make collaborative playlists, share it on Facebook, etc.
    I use it on my iPhone as a car stereo music player, and as an artist radio on the desktop, find an artist you like and make a radio station from it and discover new music.

  • numbnuts

    great, so how does spotify make the transition accross the pond yet we’re still waiting for bloody Pandora? 😐

  • Matt

    I have used Spotify for a couple of years and it is awesome. In available countries “everybody” uses it. Make sure to get an account asap and DON’T hesitate to pay for the service. I do and it’s so worth it. I have never before payed for online music nor movies but this rocks. Haven’t bought a CD or payed for music since 1997 but this is so great – and simple.
    I’m so happy that Spotify is being launched in the US. Then they will be more successful and hopefully survive – the record labels have been trying to stop them. I would hate if it closed down.

  • PHansson

    One of the best parts with Spotify is that you can use it offline (for instance on an airplane). You just mark the playlists that you want to be synced and app will do the rest.

    On the negative aspect I still miss Metallica and AC/DC… But I guess I can live with the other 13 million songs.. 🙂

    Best app for iPhone as the Flipboard is for the iPad.

    I really hope that this can finally solve the issue with the last few artists that aren’t in the library.

    • Matt

      You can always add you own MP3:s and even sync them over wifi to you phone.

      • PHansson

        Yeah, but why should you when these are available for free and legal??