We actually haven’t seen too many “leaked photos” of Apple’s next smartphone over the last few weeks. We’ve seen some really cool concepts of what the device might look like, but nothing claiming to be the actual device.

Today, 9to5Mac passes along this photo, of what appears to be the next iPhone, that has been circling the gadget blogs this morning. Though the photo doesn’t offer much information regarding the design of the device, the mysterious gadget does seem to be running a version of iOS…

The photo shows the infamous About screen, which offers all kinds of details about an iDevice, including disk capacity and carrier name. If you notice in the picture above, this iPhone is sporting a baseband version which hasn’t been released yet, 06.10.01.

You’ll also see in the snapshot that there is no IMEI number, much like the iPhone 4 prototype that was spotted on eBay a few days ago. Could this really be a a picture of an iPhone 5 prototype? Maybe.

Photoshop enthusiasts know that the large flash in the middle of the iPhone’s display can be easily created. But the iOS About screen with perfect font matching and screen glare would be hard to produce.

Another interesting fact is that the device appears to be running on China Mobile, the largest wireless carrier in the world. We’ve heard countless Apple rumors concerning the company, including COO Tim Cook’s recent visit to China Mobile headquarters.

Leaked photos should always be taken with a grain of salt. Aside from last year’s iPhone 4 debacle, Apple has a pretty solid record of keeping its secret projects under wraps.

Is this the next iPhone? Would you be disappointed if it was?

Update: Engadget’s Chinese Editor-in-cheif Richard Lai has informed us that the photo is fake. He notes that when the pic is blown up to native resolution, the font spacing of the Chinese print looks off. And seeing as how we can’t read chinese, we’re going to go with him on this one.

  • Manuel

    Looks, um, so, uh, yeah. Looks like an iPhone 4. Only thing different is the led light.

    • Jon Garrett

      because it IS an iphone 4 !! apple has asked all of its users to bend over and grab their ankles. apple has NO answer to current Android phones so they will just ad a dual core processor and 8mp camera to the iphone 4, slap some new paint on it and voila !! fanboys camp out at apple retail stores.

      • yo

        wow be more of a douche?

      • Manuel

        Jail broken iPhone 3G is still better then Andriod roots. Dudes have a copy cat version of an app. Their market is sad. They get more viruses that I’m starting to wonder if Microsoft makes them, their battery fix is called “stand by outlets & don’t use your phone” Your phone fix when it freezes is pop out the battery. Android, better? Negative.

      • javierE186

        And yet GarrFag no 1 Android phone can even remotely compare to the iPhones sales. Seriously name an Android phone and prove me wrong. It’s just funny how people like you clearly have no life and have to come to an iPhone blog just to feel important, get a life loser

  • Igeek1218

    Hmmmm where’s the bigger screen? Doubt it’s a real thing

  • Revvxz

    Erm.. I don’t think its real. Its ugly for one fact, and the flash is just a little to noticeable…
    Oh well, hope it doesn’t look like that :D. I’m all for the iPad style.

  • Jason

    if thas real.. then they definitely need to name that the 4S.. looks just like the 4. not worthy enough to be called 5.

    • Igeek1218


  • Annon

    Just because it doesn’t have a bigger screen, doesn’t mean it’s not the next generation iPhone. The 3GS is exactly the same as the 3G, also, so there’s a good chance this is it. Plus, the DEVS would have to resize all their apps to fit the 4″ screen that’s wanted.

    • Brandon

      If the devs had to retinize all their apps then they can surely resize them for a bigger screen as well.

    • yo

      also, what if they keep the same resolution, but just blow it up to a bigger screen size? no developer work required! =D

      • charlie


    • Manuel

      Big screen = dead battery

  • if it is it is if it isnt who cares we will just have to wait and see and stop trying to figure out what is and what isnt im sure in time apple will release the phone but till then just wait with anticipation lol

  • Mick

    +1 .. Personally I don’t care, when my contract is up and it’s out i’ll either buy it or I wont, Simples.

  • kokhean

    Is that an LED light at the front?

  • yo

    it actually wouldn’t be too hard to fake. take a screenshot of the about page, put that screenshot into photoshop, edit the text on the page, load the edited screenshot on your iPhone 4, take a picture, and i don’t see this LED people are talking about. but i do see a little swirly thing. if people think thats an LED, thats just a logo, or a terrible attempt at an LED photoshop because its angling and lighting is off and the placement is right above where the connector for the screen is, which would mean that they’d be packing to connectors in too small a space

  • Rick maahea

    Looks like a jailbroken iPhone 4 using fake about screen from cydia

  • Rick maahea

    That’s not an led light on the front. For what reason would they possibly put a front facing led light?

  • Mike

    Obvious fake – the camera flash is too low, should be higher

  • Conall Anderson

    Could the guy taking the Picture , just have Downloaded iFile and edited this information

  • Carl

    Looks like the I phone 4 witch I have an I’m on os 5 beta and it’s glued to my hand selling this or losing this would be like losing a limb so this can not be a bad thing I phone rocks when I sold my 3GS I tried htc the next day I took it back shit android Market cheap rubbish I will never divert from apple again have ip4 ip2 and want iMac apple have it all.

    • charlie

      apple HAS it all. apple is ‘a’ company

    • moimoimoimoi

      learn to type (or speak?) my friend… sorry but you sound like a retard

  • Paulo Silva

    I think it´s very diferent indeed!! If you look to the edges you can see it will have an unique “back and edges” probably in aluminium like the ipad, and will be thinner as well

  • DeltaJB

    who thinks its real?

  • moimoimoimoi

    if all you tech nurds are so quick to show how this is a fake, why not go and show how Obama’s birth certificate is double-y fake as well – thus vindicating your skills and doing it for a far more important purpose…

  • Laza Kato

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