The endlessly-churning iPhone rumor mill can get tiring at times.

When will the next iPhone come out? Will to be way different than the iPhone 4, or only a slight redesign? Will there be two iPhones announced at once? – These are the questions we must face on a daily basis.

A funny comic from The Joy of Tech analyzes the iPhone rumor mentality…

We have to say- this comic is pretty spot on. Make sure you’ve saved up to buy your orange-colored iPhone 5 with a physical keyboard this September.


  • I’m ready to buy, whatever the next phone looks like.

    • Why’s that do you have a 3G or 3GS ?

      • Revvxz

        I have a 3g, sold it just now but ive got an iPad 2 :D, but I still want an iphone 5 >.<