Yesterday we told you about an issue that could be reproduced on iPads jailbroken with JailbreakMe when trying to use Apple’s Camera Connection Kit. If you own an iPad jailbroken with JailbreakMe, you can’t use the Camera Kit for the time being.

Comex has been aware of the issue, and today he announced on Twitter that he has a fix coming up this Friday. According to Comex, the fix will be available in Cydia as a new package to install…

If you’re one of those iPad users that were encountering the issue with the Camera Connection Kit, hang in there as the fix will be released soon.

  • thanks & I’m waiting for the fix

    • Zin Tuan Anh

      me too

      • Jorge

        Here too!

  • JB95200

    Me too

  • Paul

    When there is finally a fix for the gps issue with the 6.15.00 version?? i need it!!

  • Yo

    iBooks!! Fix! Please!!

    • Li

      iBook is fix in 4.3.3 mines work in 4.3.3 not 4.3.2 tho…

      • Guillermo Rodriguez

        Look for iBooks Fix worked for me

  • Kentaurus

    Also App switching isn’t working anymore after the jailbreaking on iPad 2

    • Kentaurus

      forgot to mention that I was talking about the Appswitching with multitasking gestures (3 finger swipe)

  • I have a Q… I haven’t jail broken my iPad 2 yet, but has anybody seen any performance issues with their iPad 2s jail broken with JBme3??
    I would really like to know if the JB slows down the iPad or not?

    • Wselviz

      it’s not the fact that you jailbreak.. it’s about how many twaks and things that alter the mobile substrate you install.. that’s what make it slower. the simpler the you keep it, the better it works. My iPad2 i just as fast as usual because use the essential stuff

      • Ok so I’m only planning on getting installous and get that multitouch gestures, it would still as fast right?

  • Pukka

    Lol I haven’t even found a way to make the iPad 2 slow. I’ve installed tons of stuff and i can’t see a difference in speed

    • Coach

      Lol me too.

  • ja

    thanks for your work Comex … im also looking forward to the cam connect kitt fix…

    keep up the good work man!

  • James

    Has anyone heard anything more about this fix?


  • chinoi

    No update yet?