Apple Plans to Fix JailbreakMe PDF Exploit in Next iOS Update

By , Jul 7, 2011

After a long wait, Comex released JailbreakMe 3.0. And now a huge number of iOS devices have already utilised the hack.

The jailbreaking method, which simply requires a user visit a website and press a button, is aimed at jaibreaking iOS devices running version 4.3.3, as well as being the first jailbreak available for Apple’s iPad 2.

With experts warning that the same method Comex uses could also be used in a malicious context, it was only a matter of time until Apple looked to plug the PDF exploit that the jailbreak relies on….

Now, according to The Associated Press, an Apple spokesperson has said that the Cupertino outfit will look to fix the exploit used by JailbreakMe in an upcoming iOS update – an update we expect to see very, very shortly.

“Apple Inc. spokeswoman Bethan Lloyd said Thursday the company is “aware of this reported issue and developing a fix that will be available to customers in an upcoming software update.”

She declined to specify when the update would be available.”

The current PDF exploit is similar to the one used in an earlier release of JailbreakMe, and that particular hole was plugged within a week. We see no reason for there not being a similar timescale this time around.

If you are relying on JailbreakMe and still want the security afforded by plugging the PDF hole, we suggest you install PDFPatcher, available via Cydia.

Turns out you can have your cake and eat it after all!

Have you used JailbreakMe 3.0 to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Do so now before Apple pushed the next iOS update!

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  • MrChris

    Il wait for jailbreakme 4.0

  • Manuel

    Didn’t see this one coming …

  • Joe

    I can’t update my gf’s white iPhone 4 to 4.3.3. It came w 4.3.2 and iTunes goes through the whole thing then it does a factory reset and I have to restore from a backup. Are they blocking this firmware until the fix is ready?

    • Georg W. Bush

      Save your 4.3.3 SHSH Blobes

    • Simply put your iphone into DFU mode and then ( Shift+Restore ) ad choose the downloaded 4.3.3

      Simply do the following steps
      1. Download 4.3.3 ( google it )
      2. Put your iphone into DFU mode ( google it, it’s easy, i suggest using iREB )
      3. Enter iTunes and hit ( Shift+Restore ). Choose the downloaded firmware 4.3.3
      4. Have fun!

  • Igeek1218

    Apple is awesome!!!!!

  • Brad

    Is this PDFpatcher permanent or is it reversible like any other cydia app/tweak. If I ever have to restore would I be able to rejailbreak?

    • 877

      Yes it’s reversible.