We all love SBSettings on our jailbroken iDevices. The popular utility allows you to quickly access system toggles anywhere in iOS through an Activator action.

We’ve found two more awesome SBSettings themes for a change of pace on your jailbroken iDevice: “Black’d Out” and “Tapbot.”

Black’d Out is legitimately one of the cleanest and prettiest themes for SBSettings available. Designed by Tjdyo, Black’d Out is compatible with the iPhone 4’s Retina Display, and the theme also has legacy support.

“Black’d Out is a Sleek SBSettings theme, meant to bring out the beauty of Quick toggles. Most SBSettings themes are clunky and out of place throughout the system. Black’d Out fills that gap, it looks great throughout the whole system, no matter what theme, or what you are doing in the background. Its Simplicity and design are easy on the eyes.”

This theme has great support for toggles, including MyWi, My3G, and a few alternative toggles for utilities like Wi-Fi and Processes.

Black’d Out can be installed for free in Cydia, just search for it.

Tapbot obviously gets its inspiration from the development team at Tapbots. This theme looks exactly like the metallic style in the recent Twitter app from Tapbots, called Tweetbot. If you can’t get enough of Tweetbot, you’ll love the Tapbot SBSettings theme.

Tapbot is designed by okidoci, and it’s not currently available in Cydia. You can download an incomplete version of the theme from the designer if you’d like, but I’ve complied a working version of the theme as a free download. I actually merged elements from the Black’d Out theme to complete Tapbot, and I think it looks pretty good.

To install Tapbot, you’ll need to SSH into your iPhone with your favorite desktop client. (I prefer iPhone Explorer.) Once you’ve connected your iDevice to your computer with the downloaded theme folder, navigate here in your iDevice:

Root > User > Library > SBSettings > Themes

Add the Tapbot folder here and you should be good to go.

Let us know what you think of these two themes in the comments below! For more awesome SBSettings themes, check out our previous roundup.

  • WOW looks nice !!!!!

  • Juan

    Tapbot theme is awesome.

  • Pukka

    The serios hd theme is the best. Check it out you won’t be dissapointed

    • kokhean

      Chicken wings.

    • numbnuts

      agree i had serious HD in use for months, default seems best of the rest

    • KiraXD

      i use serious HD also on both ipad and iphone… i agree its one of my favorites as well

  • numbnuts

    ok so i installed Black’d Out, now in my theme list i have “Black’d Out SBsettings” and “Black’d Out SBsettings…” why the second one?? cus it looks exactly the same as the other.

  • David

    Yeah I’ve been using Black’d Out for ages now it’s a really professional theme with a good amount of toggles also check out SBStereo that’s really nice as well.

  • AMB

    iRetina is my favorite, very clean and sleek. Try it out!

  • Age

    “Bold retina” all day long

  • Abu iPhone

    You guys should try the “iPhone Congruency” SBSettings theme (number 4) on this list:


  • Massie

    Just loaded up Black’d Out; looks good but is it possible to control the opacity from within the theme?

  • Britta

    “Bold Retina” and “Metal-Tech” are also pretty cool free HD SBSettings themes.

  • Evoss

    I dont like them
    i have better A iOS Style SBSettings (Green) looks very good

  • afra33

    why is there a hand depicted on the wi-fi sign?

  • Usersean

    Tapbot theme is awesome, cheers for the link.

  • for those of you who don’t want to ssh it. I have made deb for you guys. Credits go to the original themer

    Download from here


  • Premium Leather SBSettings Theme