It’s about time we started seeing some more Notification Center widgets roll in. After a few weeks of silence on the iOS 5 jailbreak front, iPhoneItalia has tipped us off that BigBoss has set up a new iOS 5 repository with multiple new entries.

We’ve already told you about ScreenLocker, the Orientation Lock button for your Notification Center. Now we’ll go over NotificationShower. This widget is very similar to SBSettings’ Fast Notes toggle, as it allows you to quickly jot down reminders…

NotificationShower brings a simple, editable text field to your Notification Center drop down menu. This will allow you to leave yourself reminders that you’ll see every time you check your notifications. It’s perfect for remembering things like URLs or song titles.

As previously mentioned, NotificationShower is in the new iOS 5 BigBoss repo. If you haven’t added it to your Cydia repo list yet, it’s Once NotificationShower is installed, simply tap the new blank space in the pull down menu to bring up the keyboard and start typing.

Have you tried NotificationShower yet?

  • is this working on ios 5 beta 2 it isn’t woking 4 me on beta 2 or do i need to do somting >?

  • UtahUte88

    I’m sorry but the airplane button on that screen looks more like a sex toy then a airplane. HAHA

    • Manuel

      I saw the airplane mode toggle and I was about to write that it looks like a penis lol. I guess I’m not the only one who thinks so.

  • ajude

    LoL. .. Funny..

  • BLiNK

    i know that MuscleNerd has mentioned jailbreaking iOS 5, for now, is only for devs but can any “normal” user confirm if it is indeed worth attempting right now?

    • Jon

      Musclenerd is so useless now, since Apple releases unlocked iPhones. Why is he even talking about any thing?

      • koppa

        If MUSCLENERD is useless you don’t need to have an iphone
        Stupid ass summerfag ungreatfull shit

  • is it better than SBSettings?

  • Mick

    I don’t see the point of a widget for notification centre that lets you write custom text .. a waste of time much. We already have notes which I personally NEVER use lol

  • stfudvs

    Hey jon u do know musclenerds the one who jailbroken ios5 right, u do know he created redsn0w not just ultrasn0w right

    U do know he pretty much is the brightest hacker in the idecivec hacking scene right?

    I’m sure he even helped comex considering they are BOTH in the iPhone dev team

    have respect

    Stupid ass summerfag ungreatfull shit

    • Manuel

      Why are you so mad? He has a right to his opinion. I also agree with him. Musclenerd has been lackluster lately. He never gave on his promise for an unlock. Yeah, he’s jailbreaking 5.0 or don’t you mean geohot? He is using limera1n’s exploit still, not his own, nor has he done much lately in my opinion. He’s gifted, but even I can say he’s been on the downside in terms of production for the community.

  • Stfudvs

    Mick, some proletariat enjoy deleting apps they dint need, along with laungxge packs and certain apps launch deamons, all around increased performance is the result, why have notes when u have this, not to mention u can access this without leaving an app, so quicker n more efficient