Today, a lot of people on Twitter were reaching out to Comex because, after using JailbreakMe 3.0, their Camera Connection Kit for their iPad no longer worked. Comex addressed this issue by saying “Okay, there is a known issue with the Camera Connection Kit and JailbreakMe.“.

A minute later he also said “…It makes me feel bad to ignore peoples’ emails, but last night I was sort of flooded with them.” About 5 hours later, Comex also tweeted that the reason it didn’t work is because he broke “Invalid Checksum“… 

Yes, this is bad for whoever uses a Camera Connection Kit, except that Comex tweeted later that he found the fix for this issue, and it should be out in about 5 minutes.

What are your thoughts on this? Does this issue affect you? Leave it in the comments below.

  • James


    I use the camera kit often with my old iPad and now I will be able to use it again with iPad 2!


  • Mick

    Doesn’t affect me, I don’t own an iPad lol but I am curious as to whether there are any other issues people have found after Jail Breaking their iPhone 4’s ?? I haven’t noticed anything yet, infact it seems to be running smoother and has more ram free but I haven’t done much with it yet so would be interested to hear what issues (if any) others may have found.

  • James

    Will we need to run the jailbreak again?

  • ogbza

    how do we apply the fix?

  • so THAT’S why. damn. :L

  • Jim

    I don’t really know what happened to my ip4, but after jailbreak,everything was fine-I just sent a text via bite SMS and then my phone shut down and couldn’t load past the apple logo..I had to restore again/now rejailbroken but without bite SMS and no problems

    • Pete

      @Jim – I had the exact same issue! As soon as I sent a text thru bitesms my iPhone4 just seemed to die and wouldn’t go past the Apple logo and took some time to even restore. Had to get into dfu mode and completely restore. Re-jailbroke using Redsnow and haven’t had any problems.

  • Jim

    About 20min after jailbreak my ip4 crashed and couldn’t get past apple logo..had to put it to recovery and rejailbreak..nothing yet and it’s been hours

    • azharhamzahya

      try to restore the iphone again

  • zEz

    haven’t tested it yet, but darn it, i will need it, hope we get the fix soon… will it be via Cydia?

  • Cristian

    Wait… You are saying he “broke ‘invalid checksum’ ” ahahah. Do you know what your talking about?

  • Marty

    Maybe he can fix the reduced current draw problem that was introduced by Apple at the same time? You used to be able to plug a USB keyboard into the CCK without issue, until Apple restricted the amount of current available.

  • Alberto

    My ipad keeps locking up and then reboots after about 1 to 2 minutes of inactivity.. it started after I applied the jailbreak this morning..

    Anyone else experiencing this?

    ipad 2 (ios 4.3.3)

  • Alberto

    I narrowed the problem down to the Bluefire Reader app. It happens when I open a PDF that I’m reading then close the app.

  • Badlands1042

    I really hope @comex fixes the camera connection kit. It’s the only reason why I wanted the jailbreak for my iPad 2 I want it to act more like a real laptop. With iFile and the Camera kit you can have a USB port and a SD Card. With that, the iPad 2 truly is amazing. Thank you @Comex, I hope the fix comes out soon.

    • Zin


    • miphone


  • Neil

    This is why you wait for the official release…… When you steal somebody hard work without their blessing you must face the outcome!!!!!

    • Sigh

      This IS the official release!

  • zEz

    I wonder have Comex fixed it? or are we waiting another day =(
    anyone tried to restore and rejailbreak and see if it solves the issue? =P

  • Pukka

    Yea would be nice to have it fixed ASAP. I’m going on vaca this weekend and bought the kit 2 weeks ago for the trip and might be a waste. Either way I’m happy my iPad 2 is jail broken.

  • Soly

    everything is working fine on my i pad 2 16 Gb wifi

  • Leelouch

    Same issue , iPad 2 64 3G ! I need this feature !

  • Neel Vora

    I do not see any update if this issue has been fixed. Comex said 5 minutes couple of hours ago….not sure if the tool has been updated.

  • dave

    Argg… Im currently on vacation. I was unable to import any file any all tru SD or direct camera USB. Hopefully comex will fix the problem ASAP. Thanks comex for jb

  • DeltaJB

    Its fixed, you need to rejailbreak via jailbreakme to get the fix installed

    • dave

      Are you sure? Comex twitter did not said anything. Anyone tried restore n jailbreak again? Did that really fix?

    • zEz

      Have to say i was curious, but no it does NOT work.

      • James

        Re-jailbreak did not work for me either! Also I reloaded the pdf patch just to be safe!

  • Anna Miller

    I do want to purchase a ‘camera kit’ so I was keen to re-jailbreak as suggested above.

    Just went through the process and the jb page did recognize that I was ‘re-jailbreaking’. There was a dialogue box with a warning that I would lose any installed Cydia packages.

    I proceeded anyway and all seems to be OK and I did not lose my Cydia packages. However, at the moment, I have no way to test if the ‘camera kit’ thing is fixed or not…..

    • Longkeg

      Anna, I do have the camera kit. My re-jailbreak went exactly as you described but I’m sad to report the ” ‘camera kit’ thing” is not fixed. I would have been surprised if it had been. Usually these kinds of things are taken care of in a free patch released on Cydia. Give it time…

  • Larry G

    ok that’s why ifile can’t see my 32 gig usb drive using camera kit…so he found fix – do we need to re-jailbreak or what anyone please post thanks!

  • James

    When it is fixed it will be announced here. I hope soon.

  • ref

    hope they will have a fast fix for this soonest

  • zEz

    Update from comex, patch may release tomorrow.

  • Steve Frawley

    I did a total uninstall of all apps and re-jailbreak yesterday late and still no Camera Connection Kit.

    Already sent @comex decent gift donation, though. Anxiously waiting . . . .

  • JD

    what is the purpose of jail breaking an iPad if it takes away standard features? i just don’t see the point. there aren’t any good apps in cydia for the iPad. time to move on people…time to move on.

  • smit

    No good apps in cydia?? How about you try downloadin installous through cydia and then tell us there are no good app’s….

  • @JD Hmmm…No good apps? How about apps that lets you customize your iPad/iPhone/iTouch using hacks & tweaks. I can name a few…Winterboard, SBSettings, vWallpaper (Animated Wallpaper), Displayout (Tv out app), Themes, Keyboard Themes, Pogoplank must I go on?

    Oh and DING DING DING!!! the clear winner why everybody jailbreaks there iPhone/iPad/iTouch is


  • JD

    @Nate @smit you hit the nail on the head….installous. i think there was a time early on when the jailbreaking community was genuinely trying to add features that were missing. now its nothing but people stealing from hard working devs. i have an ipad 2 and was very excited by the possibilities that jailbreaking offered. disappointment washed over me when i realized that all i could do was steal apps and install themes. woop de doo

    • Neel

      I agree….Jailbreaking should NOT be used to install cracked application..

      The only thing that according to me may be OK, is to install cracked apps for trying them out if you’re not sure how they work and if satisfied in a day or so, delete the cracked app and buy from iTunes.

      I wish Appstore allowed to try before buy kind of thing ..specially for expensive apps.

  • Andy

    It is fixed now, please update your JB via Cydia!

  • Neel

    Issue has been fixed 🙂

    Please go to Cydia and you’ll see an Essential Upgrade….select that and you’re all set

    Thanks @comex for fixing the camera kit issue

  • Matt

    i saw the essential upgrad too. i clicked on it, it installed, i restarted the ipad2 and still it doesn’t work… how did you do it / what else did you do?

    @ neel

  • john-it

    Hi @all,

    works great for me (Ipad1 4.3.3)

    Thanks @comex

  • ray

    Hey so how do u fix the camera connection kit problem? Essential upgrade doesnt work

  • Anna Miller

    just for the record – worked for me – did Cydia upgrade on iPad 2 iOS 4.3.3 – camera connection kit working fine