In case you thought computer hacking died with mid-1990’s thrillers like The Net or Hackers, think again. It seems like we’ve seen an uprise of digital deviants over the last few months.

They’ve taken down Sony’s PSN network, stolen mounds of credit card information, and even infiltrated Arizona’s government network. According to the infamous hacking group known as “Anonymous,” their latest corporate target is Apple…

The group announced to the Twitter world over the weekend that they used an SQL injection to hack into Apple’s servers. They say the exploit helped them snag usernames and passwords of several accounts from an Apple-run server (

The tweet was accompanied with the hashtag #AntiSec, which is a hacking campaign that includes members of both Anonymous and the recently disbanded LulzSec. The message also stated that “Apple could be a target too,” but the group is currently busy elsewhere.

As TUAW points out, this particular break-in wasn’t very damaging. The passwords that the group published online were still encrypted, and the server that was breached wasn’t related to Apple’s iTunes service or its staggering 200 million accounts.

However, the news of the attack is still unsettling. With Apple’s iCloud launch looming, millions of people are on the verge of entrusting all kinds of personal information to the Cupertino company.

Do the recent attacks make you nervous about iCloud or your iTunes account?


  • Takean

    I know I’ll probably be flamed for this…but this isn’t anything new. It’s been going on as long as it was possible. I fear though it’s being hyped because soon new Laws and regulations are wanting to be pushed into effect and this is the best way to convince the public to do so. Its juat all to convienient.

    • Manuel

      This is bs though. Why would anoymous waste their time on this? They usually are the ones hitting corps that beat up on the little guy. Things doesn’t make sense in my opinion. Like psn going down wasn’t them, because that’s not their style.

    • AppleBits

      I agree. Good call.

    • Jon Garrett

      Newer and tougher laws are needed. what gives someone the right to hack into corporate servers steeling and or damaging information just for kicks.

      Every time I read one of these stories, I wish that special prosecutions would be made available for people who do these kinds of things.

      • Mick

        + 1 .. I’d like to read that the members of these groups were all uncovered and sent to jail along with all the murderers and paedos etc, i’m sick of seeing people on blogs play down what they do like they are a bunch of decent people, ffs, if someone broke into your house and stole your credit cards etc would you think the same? They are criminals and nothing less and deserve to be prosecuted, i’m just glad most won’t be from the UK cos this country is so soft on criminals now we’d probs give them compo and they’d get off on some human right bullshit law.

      • Manuel

        @ Mick

        Very true, but if that’s the case, comex should go to jail too. Hell, maybe geohot. He brags all the time about hacking Apple, and when he hacked the ps3. He didn’t steal any information, but others using his stuff could.

      • Mick

        @ Manuel .. I get what your saying about Comex etc but I think that is the main difference, they didn’t hack into the publics details, that’s where I think they differ, don’t get me wrong, I jailbreak so it isn’t like I don’t appreciate what some of these devs do but imo they are doing this for the good of the people and helping fight against the domination companies like Apple strive for but they don’t steal peoples bank details etc which I just think is wrong.

      • Manuel

        @ Mick

        Very true, but we really don’t know if these dev’s take our info or not. Jailbreaks makes us less secure than unjailbroken phones, but at the end, hackers are hackers. We never will know for sure.

  • iPwn

    The hackers only got into apple store employee accounts and wasn’t a major breach. Has nothing to do with the end-user.

    These hackers have horrible sentence structure and use of commas.

  • Whts the reason behind their attacks on these corps?

  • Igeek1218


  • Someone

    Of course

  • Eduardo Gonzalez

    better prepare for the worst

  • Mike

    And this atack has some reasonable reason ou they are just proving that they are just some kids that make everything to get attention fighting for delisional creedos…

  • Rick maahea

    I just would like to know what their reason or purpose was behind the attack. They claim to have a mission, so what was it for this attack?

  • no I don’t feel nervous about my iCloud or my iTunes account, nobody cares about the stuff I upload or download on them lol

  • JoBerlin

    It’s not right to break into computer systems and steal data. On the other hand it’s good that we get reminded constantly to pay attention whom we’re giving personal details and credit card infos.
    And it’s hacks like these that bring other cloud related questions back to my mind: Why should I store personal data on a server belonging to strangers? Would you put some important stuff into a card box and hand this box to someone you don’t know to store it?
    I don’t like all that cloud stuff! And in my opinion it’s good that those hackers remind us that data isn’t save in the cloud.
    Cloudstuff should work like that: The client encrypts ALL data before it’s send to the cloud. It’s stored encrypted, transferred back encrypted and the decryption is done when the data is where it’s save again.

  • Michael

    yeah dude look at geohot. He works for Facebook now… they sure showed him.

  • ajude

    Hack from the rich, donate to us or charity.

  • Crush

    As long as theirs a comp. There will be hacking is unstoppable.