It was recently announced that the there are now 100,000 apps made specifically for the iPad in Apple’s App Store, and there are 500,000+ apps available to iOS users.

On the opposite side of the numbers spectrum, Microsoft just hit 25,000 apps in its own Windows Phone Marketplace. Sounds like there’s still a lot of catching up to do…

It’s important to keep in mind that Microsoft managed this number in only 5 months of the WP7 Marketplace being open to developers. At that type of acceleration, Microsoft is on track for a pretty successful Marketplace in the near future.

Engadget points out that,

“The main point is that the WP7 ecosystem is growing, and faster than previously at that — it took until the end of March to accrue 11,500 apps, a span of five months from its launch, whereas the last 13.5k have come in the brisker period of three months.”

Sales for Windows Phone 7 haven’t exactly been booming, but don’t count Microsoft’s mobile prodigy out just yet. Perhaps a partnership with Nokia will turn the tide?

Numbers aren’t necessarily everything when it comes to these types of figures. It’s a known fact that 80% of the apps in the iPhone’s App Store are pretty bad. Quality will always supersede quantity.

Microsoft could continue to do well with smaller numbers in its Marketplace, as long as larger companies and developers are supporting the WP7 OS. If famous titles like Angry Birds are available on Microsoft’s platform, that could be enough for the typical consumer to buy into the ecosystem.

What are your thoughts? Does Microsoft’s Marketplace stand a change against the App Store?


  • jose

    lol a very lot of catching to do lol, they might it in 2020 lol

    • Burge

      App store has been going since 2008 ( iOS 2.0 ) WP7 6 months…I don’t think that’s to bad at all …the app store was slow at the start…and there was alot of crap apps. There was no real devs making apps , now there is and there making some serious cash from it , Now there is windows app store and the devs are already there and they know what sort of apps sell. I think windows store might just surprise us on how quickly it grows and the quality of apps that can be got there..

  • Ken

    We need a fight between microsoft and apple.
    It’s good for us in the future.

  • DingleHopper

    A little off Topic, but I will ask anyways.

    Does anybody remember if there is a program like TelePad2Pod for converting iPad only apps for use on iPhone or iTouch. I am dying to play Ticket to Ride on my iPod.

    • DingleHopper

      Shoot I should have said that is for Windows PC?

      • Fojam

        Thats what telepadtopod does

  • Apple gave birth to so many devs… The already created dev base of apple must have contributed to most of those 25k apps on Windows as many people port their apps to several different OS’ to make more money

  • moimoimoimoi

    500,000 ‘apps’ … most are complete junk/ waste of time or ‘lite’ versions

    I’d say the more proper estimate of only good, quality apps would be closer to 100,000

  • Alex

    Anyone know of the quality of the 25,000 WP7 apps? or how easy it is to develop apps on WP7 versus on Apple devices?

    Just curious.

  • Josh

    I agree with quality vs quantity. I am a loyal iPhone user but I think more than 80% of iPhone apps are bad or redundant. If the app store has 100,000 good apps well I just don’t see it. I have a little over 70 apps on my phone and I don’t ever use the majority of them. If windows mobile 7 gets mostly good apps they may eventually get a large market share.