We’ve already shown you a beautiful iPhone 5 concept by Michal Bonikowski, and now another concept design of the iPhone 5 has caught our attention.

Antoine Brieux from NAK Studio has created a gallery of renderings that he believes reflect Apple’s design evolution. We’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions on the design’s accuracy, but these designs are still mesmerizing to look at…

The concept simplifies the iPhone’s design by giving it one body of metal edged off with two pieces of curved glass.

It’s a pretty render, but it’s very unlikely that Apple’s next iPhone will look like this concept. All signs have been pointing towards an aluminum back for the iPhone 5, and we’ve seen other concepts that seem more Apple-ish.

Nevertheless, great work, Antonie!

What do you think? Do you like this concept?


  • Someone


  • Nico

    Ugly! Wont buy it!

  • M

    This thing would be illegal, you can kill someone with those corners.

  • Mike

    Very Ugly. Its just an strained iPod Nano

    • Érico

      no no! this my old SE phone!!!!

  • Omarjk13

    It’s very nice but iPhones are kinda thick, no way apple would make something so thin! I love it and it made it to production I would buy it!!

  • blapp

    Looks uncomfortable to hold in your hand, but LED notifications would rock!

  • Morgan

    Not very accurate — anyways I like the other concept design much better

  • Saadi

    Like the notification LED panel but apple surely will not make something like this.

  • yomama’smama

    What is with the double underlined links?!?! The ads that pop up have absolutely nothing to do with the link! For example when you mouse over ‘apple,’ you get an ad for groupon with a picture of steak!

  • It’s very square face on not sure it would go down well but 10 out of 10 for effort

  • Patrick

    It looks like a sony ericson satio and i hated this model so i surely wont buy this model

  • qfast

    it’s Ugly…step brother of Xperia..definitely not Apple..

  • BrendonJ

    I like this take on LED notifications, but the look of it seems more like something Samsung would put on there devices

  • justme

    f.ckin’ disguisting!

  • ewwww


  • L33Thacker

    Thats it Im gonna kill myself now

    Ive had it dammit

  • Mick

    I find it funny how so many people say ewwwww i’d never buy that and your quitting wi Apple if they bring that out but even if they did which is highly unlikely, no wud force u to buy it lol and i’d bet that a lot who say they wouldn’t buy it, actually would if it came out.

  • Revvxz


  • steven


  • Gabes

    Well I guess I’m one of the few, but I like it. I think it is something I would buy. I like it’s unorthodox Apple look, but yet it’s still very sleek, and beautiful. Although i do love the look of the iPhone 4, and currently have the 3GS, do hope that apple does change the hardware design for the next iPhone. Because I’m so ready to update to a new iPhone!

  • Chelsey

    Very ugly I’m glad I got iPhone 4 If this is what is going to look like

  • Asif

    Dosnt look noce, old 2g would be better.

  • Looks effin Dope!!!!!!!

  • Idea

    I like this too, I’ll buy it. anyway.

  • Idea

    I like this too, I’ll buy it.

  • Jacksparrow

    This is stunning? Please. Stunning if you want apple products to have no class and look like crappy droid phones.

  • BoardDWorld

    Don’t want to come across rude but it looks like something an Asian designer would come up with. Perhaps you could sell it to LG, they’re fond of this look. The only nice bits are the original iPhone 4.

  • Martin

    iPhone 4 looks more modern and beautiful than this thing…

  • omalik

    Some ppl just have no idea what industrial design is about. That thing lust fugly, like a samsung or htc shit..

  • iPhoneuser16

    XPeria any one

  • bc

    Sorry, but no way Apple would produce something that looks like that. It looks like an Android device.

  • chavi

    pls nooooooooo

  • __AF

    Apple could stamp their logo on a slice of burnt toast & there would be a line around the block on launch day… Most of the above commenters would probably be standing in it. Me included. 🙂