The tension is getting harder and harder for the release of JailbreakMe. After being leaked to everyone over the weekend, we found out that JailbreakMe was officially going to be released to the public today or tomorrow.

The JailbreakMe website just got updated again, this time to show a sign stating “We’ll be back soon,” similar to the message Apple shows when the Online Apple Store is being updated…

So when can we expect JailbreakMe to be released? We’re not sure, but according to this tweet from Comex, it could be in the next 42 hours, although this could just be a random tweet with no real meaning. Update: A few of you guys pointed out to the obvious. 42 is the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything” in the famous movie The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

One thing is sure, JailbreakMe is closer to us than it ever has been.

It is still unclear what firmware and device the new JailbreakMe will be able to jailbreak, but it is safe to assume at this point that the iPad 2 will finally be able to get the jailbreak treatment.

Update 2: And a little magic midget tells us JailbreakMe will be released tomorrow, on July 5th.

Even though the domain name appeared to be for sale over the weekend, it appears that Comex will release his latest jailbreak on this domain anyway.


[Thanks, Christopher G]

  • Zin Tuan Anh

    00:44AM 6th Australia here!

  • Wickerman

    11 am, on chile and nothing on the sea guys.

  • James

    This should be renamed the world clock thread.

  • Aaran

    Why is everyone leaving the time where you are?? What possible difference does that make lmfao!!

  • That1WhiteGuy95

    It will probably be released American time…

  • Captain Kirk

    Time is irrelevant to where you are, and where ever your go, there you are !!

  • nick

    its up on the web but not accessible from the ipad…

  • noise. looks interesting.

    • noise.

      Sorry on the ipad it does.

  • Patience

    According to his twitter everyone should upgrade to 4.3.3

  • Aaran

    Damn havent got my computer here im running 4.3.2 cam i upgrade to 4.3.3 without it.

  • Dominic

    Wtf. Anyway11:29here in Florida tiki hurry up comex

  • fuckingNoisuser

    @Nois: I:::D::I:.O::T

  • Devin Baler

    The Site is up check it out!