It’s been a seemingly endless saga as Comex prepares his upcoming jailbreak tool for the iPad 2. JailbreakMe 3.0 has been expected to drop any day now for the past few weeks, but several speed bumps and unexpected turns have kept the userland jailbreak from getting released.

This past weekend, JailbreakMe 3.0’s exploit was leaked online in an attempt to hurry up Comex’s official release. Some people were able to get to the download links in time (before they were pulled) and successfully jailbreak the iPad 2 on iOS 4.3.

Thanks to a string of alleged emails between Comex and MultiMediaWill (the guy that leaked JailbreakMe 3.0), the latest rumor pegs JailbreakMe’s relaunch for tomorrow

iPhoneItalia has gotten its hands on an email conversation between Comex himself and MultiMediaWill. As you can tell from the back and forth, MultiMediaWill is sorry for leaking Comex’s exploit, and he has taken down all links and accounts relating to the leak.

Oddly enough, he and Comex seem to be on good terms, despite the fact that MultiMediaWill intentionally leaked Comex’s exploit (which will most likely be patched by Apple in iOS 4.3.4).

Comex told MultiMediaWill at about 1 AM this morning,

“But if no more issues come up, it should be ready by tomorrow.”

So there you have it, folks. July 5th for JailbreakMe 3.0? We certainly hope so.

iPhoneItalia does point out that, depending on how you look at it, Comex’s “tomorrow” could be referring to today, July 4th. At 1 AM, he could very well have meant that JailbreakMe 3.0 will see the light of day today! We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

If you visit right now, you’ll see some github strings that reference Comex’s work on the upcoming jailbreak. Separately, the domain is available for sale on GoDaddy, but Comex has confirmed that he does not own the domain and that his jailbreak is still set for a release.

  • SEEL

    Can’t wait!


    • Joe

      Comex needs to get it out soon. He’s been delaying this for too long. He spends too much tine teasing w it and tweeting. Just release it and let us jailbreak our iPads

      • Coach

        Calm down. He’ll release it when he wants. Be grateful.

      • Emre Sumengen

        OMG… Work on something (anything) that long, before commenting as such.

        Do you really think he’s stalling?

        Do you really believe any comment like yours would help?


      • Luis

        If you cant be patient and appreciate the work that he has done so far, you should’ve went to the store and got you an iPad 1st Gen.

    • Tom

      Activity on the site!

      • Tom

        Now it is gone! Something coming on the site. When I entered it, it defaulted me to

        Comex may be loading the data onto the site right now!

  • Coach

    Me either!!!

  • Funked

    Hope this email turns out to be legit. I’ll be staying up late tonight to find out!

    Btw, it’s worth mentioning that is no longer for sale. The auction is listed as “closed” at a value of $5,000, end date 2011/07/04. This could mean the site has already been sold, or @comex may have spoke with the original owner and worked out a deal to stop the sale. Check it out:

    • Funked

      Hmm strange, the auction is now listed as “open” again. Something odd going on! It was closed for about an hour as far as I’m aware, now back up for sale. Not sure what’s going on.

      • Mick

        Comex doesn’t even own the site so don’t read too much into it.

  • James

    Oh boy I bought the Ipad 2 just for this and cause my wife took over my I pad 1st gen! I know I’m crazy! But I’m here and I’m third in line!

    HA HA

    • Ungka

      At least you dont have to sell your kidney 🙂

      • Sangha

        nice one 😉

  • Ethan

    Dang, if it release today, it will be the best 4th of July I ever had. Thanks @Comex for the JB tool, thanks iDB for the info.

  • Ungka

    Hopefully it’s goin to be fine on the 5th :-/

  • Ungka

    Stupid me..that was ages ago!! Damn!

  • I already jail broke my iPad 2. It’s been great but I would like to update to 4.3.3 as I’m currently on 4.3.0. Would be a nice to get the official jailbreak before my bday!

  • Iorna Loves

    I would give @comex my virginity if he released it today…opps sorry that won’t work as that’s how I got my Ipad…well I would make him happy anyways

    • Iceman

      Wow…Lorna…That’s quite an offer!!!!! Is it me …or is it getting HOT in here? 🙂

  • I would give @comex my virginity today if he releases this today, unfortunately I used my virginity to get my Ipad, it was the thought that counted

  • joey

    @comex i have been cursing you for weeks waiting for this jb. but i don’t want my brand new 32gb white ipad 2, which is still in the plastics, to be buggy and messing up so please take your time and make it right. i mean cause your the only one working on this jb, so people don’t piss him off cause he might not ever release it. then i would sell my ipad 2.

  • I own it’s releasing when the fireworks in Kentucky start tonight at exactly 8pm

    • Funked

      I call bullshit. Any proof that you own the domain?

    • selcuk


      • @comex just dmd me he’s getting ready said he missed 8pm cuz his girl and him stepped out but he’s back and it’s coming really really really soon

    • Anonymous

      Not only did the domain get transferred to @saurik, ConcietedApps owned it first.

  • Travis

    I already jb my ipad2….love the ipad2 so much more now. Although soon as official is released I’ll restore, update and rejailbreak.

  • yomama’smama

    It’ll support other devices on 4.3.3 too, right?
    I hope so. Thanks!

  • George

    can you use this to jailbreak 4.2.1 firmware on ipod touch??

  • Dick

    I just did the 403 workaround hack and I got SBSETTINGS on my shiny new ipad 2! Took about a half hour though. Not for noobs. But as long as you follow the videos directions you’ll be ok. You might wanna download the video in case YT takes it down!
    If any of you dicks can’t wait like me, i just did THIS:
    It fucking works! The only issue is the folder inside “” does not have the “saffron” folder the youtube directions show. you must make it manually and transfer all “.deb” files and” install.dylib” and “Cydia-4.3r4-Raw.tar.xz”. So you’ll have a folder with all the pdfs and a folder named”saffron” with the debs I mentioned earlier. comment if you want more help.

  • Tom

    There is activity on the site. Looks like it is dropping today. It says my version is too new (tried with both iPhone 4 & iPad 2 running iOS 4.3.3). I am wanting the jailbreak for my iPad 2 since a jailbreak exists for other devices.

  • Casper

    Just saying, not reading all the comments above me, but the stuff that is currently on is showing when all he worked on the jb and a summary of what he did when he worked on it.

    • Johnny

      right now that is true but 2 hours earlier it was showing the slide to jb screen

  • Ipad2hackerz

    Yes Jason is the owner and it will be released tonight 8pm

  • Ipad2hackerz


  • IphoneHackerz

    The time will come at 8pm sharp Happy 4th

  • Kvkppd

    I’m waiting

  • zEz

    hmm… what time is it there?!

  • chris445

    exciting times within the jailbreak community!

  • Joey

    This jb snit coming out tonight. It’s already after 8pm and still no jb. BS!!!

    • Revvxz

      Is it the end of 8PM yet? I think not.

    • Revvxz

      Lol nvm its 7:30 Pm right now, you fail at timing.

  • Potamus

    8:00PM Central and still no jb…

  • Kikaida

    Woot! There is a “We’ll be back soon” sticky on now! Should be dropping soon!

    • Tom


    • zEz

      +1 – SO PUMPED!!!

  • c0edx just got updated to “we’ll be back soon” I think we ahold see the iPad 2 JailBreak within 24 hours. I can’t wait!!!!


    I can’t wait its 7:45 here in Los Angeles. Let’s see if the 8:00 theory is correct.


    The site might crash with everyone trying to jailbreak their iPad 2.

  • Jared

    Will this work on my iPod touch 2nd gen 4.2.1??????please reply

  • Jvk

    Now the website says “we’ll be back soon”. Something is happening!

  • zEz

    now the question is, is the real one 😉 hahaha

  • manny

    We are very grateful comex we hope you let it go at 1am thanks

  • manny

    We are very grateful comex

  • Mattparks

    Now it is We’ll be

  • Erick

    Yes u cold jailbreak it with 2g I’m gonna do it with my 2g 4.2.1 and now in it says well be back soon with a sticky note

  • Erick

    Yup u could jailbreak it iPod 2g with 4.2.1 I’m gonna do it with my 2g iPod and now on it says on a sticky note well be back soon

  • Erick

    Yup u could jailbreak it iPod 2g with 4.2.1 I’m gonna do it with my 2g iPod and now on it says on a sticky note well be back soon.

  • +*PK*+

    Dang. Can’t wait! 😛

  • Jarrod

    If you want to jailbreak your older devices, go to:

    Gives you a list of the available PDF exploits for some of the devices and firmwares.

  • pwn age

    Mass pwnage: All of us hanging on every geeky tweet; too ignorant to overcome our corporate technomasters on our own, we who still dream of informational / technological autonomy / free choices cling to every offhand word from an obscure semi-literate tinkerer. This is how civilisation ends: Not with a bang, but an ignorant and helpless collective whinge. Having hacked the hackers and commandeered the future of information, memory, awareness, commerce and government profiteering gatekeepers allow the now fully-marginalized freethinking fringe nothing more than a shifting mirage of choice. Greed has conquered gnosis.