Prototype Apple hardware has a habit of turning up on eBay, so we’re not entirely surprised to see another of the company’s finest show up for auction.

The latest prototype of Apple’s to appear on the popular auction site is an iPhone 4 that, at least according to appearances, is a prototype of the handset we’ve all grown to love since its launch in June of last year…

Currently offered at a healthy $10,000 $999,999, the prototype iPhone 4 is apparently similar in hardware to that of the infamous Gizmodo leak, which resulted in much furore and the eventual arrest of one Gizmodo blogger as well as the seizure of all his gear.

As This is my next points out, the iPhone shows the telltale signs of being a pre-production model: volume buttons lack plus or minus logos, the storage capacity indicator on the rear panel reads XXG, and perhaps unsurprisingly, the handset cannot be activated via iTunes.

With that last point making the handset pretty much useless to a potential buyer, bidders will have to be of the hardcore Apple fanboy variety to part with the kind of money this thing is going for.

One unique identifying number is present, with etchings on the front and rear of the device apparently allowing Apple to check which employee has been given which handset.

With that in mind, we can only hope that DF1692 doesn’t belong to the already iPhone prototype-less Gray Powell!

Will you be putting up your hard earned cash in an attempt to be the winning bidder on this iPhone 4 prototype? Our guess is that you won’t. The price is a little too steep.

Happy bidding, folks!

UPDATE: The auction has ended.


  • SoCoMagNuM

    Maybe a competitor might be interested in tge device though they can easily just purchase an already afloat final product. I don’t see the point of buying this device really…especially for that price…I mean once you get it…there’s nothing much you can do with it.

    “hey wanna see something cool…look it’s an iPhone 4 prototype. Awesome huh?”
    “yeah what does it do?”
    “nothing really..doesn’t activated through iTunes…but it’s really cool huh?”
    “yeah and i paid $10,000 for it”
    “so what’s it do?”
    “umm I told you it doesn’t do anything…but it’s an iPhone 4 prototype like the one leaked…cool huh?”
    [unlocks working iPhone 4]
    “look mines work…and I only paid $199 bucks for it…last year…does this and that…for the fraction of your price…what do you have to say about that?”
    “dude…it’s an iPhone 4 prototype…nuff said”


    • sam

      youre a douche bag. find something better to do with your time than writing a whole script for a shitty joke.

      • Selcuk

        LOL @ Sam

      • SoCoMagNuM

        My bad Mr Sam that you didn’t realize the humor nor message behind it. Your more than welcome to bid on the ridiculously overpriced non-functional device as well as the others. What’s at now? $999,999? Maybe you can find some humor within that lol.

        Happy 4th of July people.

        Might want to define douche bag…you prolly unaware what it’s used just follow the crowd that use it in offense to make yourself feel important…well lemme give you some gratification. Your opinion is just as much value as the binary code used to post this comment. And I can give a rats ass (served with a choice pf A1 or plain Hunt’s ketchup) about what you nor anyone has to say lol. Now chew on that. Goodday people’s. 🙂

  • Ken

    There is no reason to keep it unless this is very first one from apple (prototype)

  • Rick

    I’m sure there are peeps out there that have actually considered bidding for this prototype!

    • MaxMillion

      Ya it says there ar 40 bids

      • mripod64

        thats what surprises me lol

  • c0edx

    People are just bidding out of there ass. I can place bid for $1000000 and not pay for it.

  • DomPerignon

    What is the point on spending even $1.00 for a brick? You are much better off donating it to charity.

    • SoCoMagNuM

      I agree…use the money fod something more beneficial

  • Dan

    I would sure buy it and it does look legit, don’t know about you but it’s worth $20k at any day, too bad eBay pulled it, I would of bid on it 🙂

  • Dan

    I would sure buy it and it does look legit, don’t know about you but it’s worth $20k at any day, too bad eBay withdrew it, I would of bid on it 🙂

  • Ernesto Castellanos

    I placed a bid and was outbided in less than 5 seconds. Hahahaha!! Back when it was at $400,000