Everyone’s been Buzzing [pardon my pun] about Google’s latest social product, Google+. Many people have been a fan of it – at least the ones who got invited, that is – but us iPhone users had to wait just a bit to get our hands on an official Google+ app. Google initially made the app Android only (naturally), with iPhone users having to use a mobile web client that worked rather well.

Today, however, Google employee Erica Joy posted on her Google+ page: “For my iPhone using friends: the Google+ iPhone app has been submitted to the App store (no not today, sometime prior to today) and is awaiting approval.”

This means that any day now, the app will become available in the App Store. That is, of course, if Apple approves it. Hopefully it doesn’t (and shouldn’t, quite frankly), follow the path of Google Voice, which made it to the App Store a year after it was initially submitted.

We can’t wait to get our hands on the iPhone app, which will definitely enhance the experiece of using Google+ on the iPhone. By the way, for those of you who got in, how are you liking Google+ so far? Let us know!


  • Funked

    This will be cool! I agree though, hopefully it gets approved sooner rather than later. I got an invite this morning, been trying to accept it all day but keeps telling me to check back later. Hopefully I can join in on the fun soon 🙂

  • Jake

    Got my Invite when the site was first released. The Mobile Browser Version works amazing on my iPhone 4 running iOS Beta 2!

    Hoping the app will get approved in the next few days!

    • Pete

      Jake (or any other one of you lucky ones to have G+), I know it’s probably a long shot, but just in case you were in the mood to make one Google fan happy – could you send an invite to p.sedlacek@gmail.com? I’d be very much obliged!

  • JoBerlin

    Hopefully it’ll be released very soon. I like Google+ more than Facebook because it’s faster; especially on mobile devices.
    And I like the idea of circles and having more control who sees which post. (I know this is possible on FB as well, but friends lists are poorly implemented compared to circles in G+.)
    Hopefully all my friends will switch!

    • Kevin Nunez

      Hoping for the same thing – huge fan of Google+, I want it to replace Facebook, but my IRL friends need to join first.

  • zEz

    this should be fun!!!

  • Gertgerman

    i think it’s horrible! You cant post directly on someone’s wall you have to post to a circle or go through a too long winded process of choosing an individual person from a circle to be the only one who can see it. Adding people is awful. Add them to a circle. Post to that circle and then click send email to people not yet on google+. Instead of liking a comment you click +1.

    It’s too long winded and for not so PC literate people too complex. I think it’ll share the fate of google buzz.

    To me it feels like they’ve taken elements of Facebook and Twitter and just messed it up.

    • Me

      You are aware the “Add people to a circle, post to circle, send email” isn’t actually how users get added officially right? It’s a hack people have found to get around Google closing invites…