TweakWeek seems to have hit a certain stride under Elias Limneos. The prolific developer of this week’s TweakWeek entries is back at it again with something original, something that I think you’re definitely going to like.

This latest tweak is called ArrangeStatusBar, and it allows you to use a finger and manually arrange the icons residing in your iPhone’s status bar.

Needless to say, I’m thoroughly impressed with its accuracy and abundance of cool factor oozing from this tweak…

Once you install ArrangeStatusBar, you can immediately get to adjusting the order of the icons on your status bar.

This tweak, coupled with one like CleanStatus, delivers a powerful 1-2 punch when it comes to status bar tweaks.

Not being one who likes to rest on his laurels, I think it’s safe to say at this point that Limneos is the best TweakWeek tweaker thus far.

If your iPhone is jailbroken, head over to Cydia to download it today. Repo:

I’m interested to hear what you think about ArrangeStatusBar. Are you digging it as much as I’m digging it?

  • It’s annoying if you use something like the LockInfo Infoshade on pull down as sometimes you move the item around instead of getting the InfoShade.

    Being able to toggle edit mode on/off would be great.

    • That is one feature that would be cool. Maybe an Activator toggle.

  • Duco

    And SBSettings?

  • Mick

    Not sure if i’d use it due to having most icons hidden in my status bar but I have to say, that is freaking cool !!!

  • Manuel

    I like it. Will give it a try.

  • __AF

    Love the ability to move stuff around the status bar. However they move too easily. I swipe across the status bar to open SBSettings & end up rearranging the whole bar. There also seems to be an issue with the biteSMS mute icon in the status bar. It doesn’t want to stay put. Other than that it’s a killer tweak & with some fine tuning it’s likely to be a keeper.

    • Sascha

      I agree! It needs a setting to explicitly enable it for editing the status bar to prevent me from accidently moving the icons. The most common situation is swiping the status bar for SBSettings. I wonder how this hasn’t been taken into account, since I don’t believe that one is going to rearrange the icons frequently, but maybe only once to meet their taste.

      If there’s an update that has that I’ll give it a shot.

  • Angelo

    I wish i had the same for my Mac.

    • Hah, so true. I thought the same thing while using this. WHY isn’t there an easy way to re-arrange the menu bar on OS X?

      • Mike

        There is – hold down the Command key while double-clicking and dragging any menu item. Easy enough.

      • That only works with stock menu items.

  • Juan

    Nice idea but needs work. Doesn’t work nicely with LockInfo and WeatherIcon. Then, when you open Cydia, it’s back to default. A little on the lame side if it can’t be consistant.

    • Brian

      It doesn’t appears in cydia cause cydia kills almost all MS addons for safety, Limneos can’t do nothing about that.

      iFile does almost the same.

      • Juan

        I realize that. but I really doubt this tweak runs as root (like iFile does) to cause any issues. iFile loads libstatusbar just fine…. so does Cydia.

  • Dam I wish in tweet week that they made a simple tweak to allow the iPad camera connector to work on iPhone. I imagine it couldn’t be to difficult.

    • Mick

      I’d like a tweak to hide the dock, like windows does.

  • DomPerignon

    If you activate ‘SBSettings’ with the status bar, this tweak is a real pain in the ass!

  • Fojam

    This has issues with opennotifier

  • Ins0mnihack

    It’s a cool concept, but often I find the icons inexplicably arrange themselves into a clump and I have to restore them again. It also doesn’t seem to play nice with OpenNotifier which is a must have app in my opinion. I was hoping that arranging the icons would actually allow more room for OpenNotifier icons, but no such luck.

    And of course the biggest issue is the one everyone else has mentioned – there should be a “lock status bar” option for when you’ve finished editing, as I use the status bar with all available Activator gestures (swipe left, down, right, hold and double tap) to launch a variety of applications and tweaks. At the moment its way too easy to accidentally move icons.

    This has a lot of promise though, so I hope to see it updated to fix compatibility issues with other apps (primarily OpenNotifier!) and add a lock option.

  • Micke

    I really wish that the status bar were divided into invisible “grids”, so that the far right where the battery normally is were one “grid” and so on.
    That way the icons would snap to the “grid” instead of them being able to be dragged almost completely off the screen. Like it is now it’s almost impossible to arrange them in a good-looking way.

  • ipadder

    I really like this tweak but too many glitches on my iPad. the time randomly moves all the way to the right of the status bar whenever I open apps any fix?? if there was a lock status bar button like everyone was saying it would fix that issue.

    • Ins0mnihack

      “the time randomly moves all the way to the right of the status bar whenever I open apps”

      Same problem on my iPhone 4. I ended up uninstalling the tweak. Gets in the way too much in it’s current state.

  • iphoneb0y

    how to remove this tweak because i delete the icon but the tweak remains

    • Sascha

      Just like with any other tweak and app. Go to Cydia –> Manage –> Packages –> tap ArrangeStatusBar –> Change –> Uninstall.

      Then respring and you’re done.

    • Ins0mnihack

      Yell at your phone loudly and the tweak will disappear. It can only be deleted by using harsh language.