AnimateBattery is a neat little jailbreak tweak that — as its name states — animates the battery on your lock screen while your iPhone is charging.

This is the forth TweakWeek entry in the series by developer Elias Limneos, who has in my opinion, some of the better tweaks that TweakWeek has seen thus far.

Check inside for the full video details regarding the ins and outs of this free download from Cydia…

Once installed, you’ll notice a new settings panel in your Settings app for AnimateBattery. One setting allows you to enable or disable the battery animation outright, and the other setting enables full battery animations.

Although this jailbreak tweak doesn’t add any additional functionality to your iPhone, it is a nice addition to your iPhone’s lock screen while in the midst of a charge.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone and you decide to check it out, let me know what you think about it.

  • ddr

    Lol, kinda pointless but I’ve always kinda wondered why the iPhone didn’t have that built in πŸ˜‰ I’m getting it.

  • james

    just a memory eater it will take 10-15mb…..of ram

  • Will

    How did you get that apple little logo on the end of your slider ?

  • Sascha

    If it moved more fluently I’d like it, but not if it’s stuttering like that πŸ™

  • n1ce

  • Manuel

    Jeff’s been on the roll today with the tweaks. He’s tweak master right now. I’m starting to think he makes them lol.

  • Hi guys , thank you for the big effort you doing here, but…

    PLEASE INCLUDE THE REPO FROM WHERE THE TWEAK IS , because all the new tweaks aren’t in my cydia untill i figure out which repo is it from, and it’s painful so please tell us every source u get the tweak from … THANKS AGAIN YOU DOING A GREAT JOB !!!

    • Pieter.steenssens


  • lpdr
  • Burge

    Use it with ABS and it always running on lockscreen

  • Burge

    Use it with ABS and it always running on lockscreen .

  • krl

    this goes to show…apple is not innovative. look at all these tweaks…apple could never come up with this stuff. awesome job developers!

    • Pete

      Tthe full animation isn’t very functional as you can’t see how full the battery actually is.
      I personally don’t think it is very useful, only kind of annoying. But it’s for tweaks like this the jailbreaking community exists.

      • Acolz

        Yes you can because when full animation is on, it only goes to the point where it is charged πŸ˜‰

  • @pololinguistic

    @Jeff: Please keep the tweaks coming. I have a few I might suggest, if you don’t mind.

    @krl: “apple is not innovative” really?? I wish I could give/take points in this blogg. Or even hand out punishments. 1000 lashes!!

    The tweak itself is OK, nothing really fancy and it lacks the “WOW!” effect. I don’t see to many iPhones charging and I rarely look a it while charging.

    Now if I could have an RSS feed while charging to stay up-to-fate with your tweaks?!? I’m in there like swimwear!

    Another point, the charge when plugge in to a computer is slower than a power outlet. Anyone care to check the effect on charge time with this tweak running?

    ~look ma’, No spell check!!~

  • nandish

    hey how to remove charing icon on lockscreen so that i can clearly see my lockinfo with wallpaper….

  • How can I use it with Lockinfo?