If you go to GoDaddy.com right now and do a search for the JailbreakMe.com domain name, you will get a message telling you that this domain is up for sale in an auction opened to anyone to bid on.

It shows that the site has been appraised at $316 but the current auction price is $2,500. The auction, scheduled to end on July 16, will probably go much higher than that considering the value of this domain name.

But why is JailbreakMe.com for sale, and who is selling it?

Doing a quick WhoIs search for the domain name doesn’t give us much information as it is currently privately registered. But isn’t Comex the owner of this domain? I personally don’t think so. JailbreakMe.com has been online for a few years now and I think the original owner of the domain still is the current owner, who’s kindly letting Comex use the domain.

I do not have any evidence to prove that but I do remember Comex mentioning something about this situation when he first released his own JailbreakMe jailbreak almost a year ago.

Now why would JailbreakMe.com be up for sale? I have absolutely no idea.

What I know for sure is what’s going to happen to JailbreakMe.com. The site is going to sell for a hefty price. Some content scraper scumbag will buy it and turn it into a spammy site, just like ultrasn0w.ca or geohot.ca. Heck, look what happened to ziPhone.org.

It’s too bad, but at the end of the day, it’s just a domain name.

What do you think?

Update: Yup, I was right. Comex just confirmed that he doesn’t own JailbreakMe.com. iH8Sn0w speculates that Nicholas Penree, the original creator of JailbreakMe still owns the site, as I explained above.

  • Maybe comex doesnt want to use it anymore – thanks to certain immature douchebags – and the actual owner – if there is one – only wants the money in the site now that comex doesnt use it or wont be using it

  • MaxMillion


  • Gary

    Just business, not personal. Capitalism at work. It’s a legitimate way to make a buck. Why not? I see nothing wrong with it.

  • NoDaddy

    It’s not sale.

    Check under Unavailable Domains

  • Cameron

    What’s the new domain name gunna be? Or is this the end for jailbreakme?

  • i hope its the end !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ivan90112
  • James

    New site will be jailbreakleak.com 😛

  • Well ebayer will get rich , u can buy jailbreak files from eBay that was leaked.

  • Bobby

    Funny how iDB and their team of writers always complain they never get credit or respect for stories they write–this is a clear example why.

    The original site to report this first was iJailbreak, yet you guys just ripped the story. What a bunch of hypocrites you are, no wonder people think if you guys as constant whiners on Twitter. You probably won’t even publish this comment.

    Even Redmond Pie credited iJailbreak, funny how karma works, eh?

    • kokhean

      iDB uses their own images.

  • Revvxz

    Bobby, stfu or get off the site then?

    • Bobby

      Just calling it like it is. And of course no response from the iDB team, as expected.

      • Cameron

        I’m kinda with Bobby but I’m not hating in the site!

  • Charlie

    Amen to Bobby, well said!

    It’s funny how Sebastien whines on Twitter about “everyone” stealing their content. He even whines in the comments, like seriously…grow up. For example: cultofmac’s post this past week.

    Not only did RedMond Pie credit iJailbreak.com, iFans, Razorianfly and many more sites did!

    Even his own team writer, Alex, commented on iJailbreak’s post regarding this.

    Such a shame…

    • Bobby

      Thank you! Amen, brutha! Finally someone else has seen the “give us credit” BS spewed by Sebastien and his team on Twitter. Seriously, the one that I found amazing was Sebastien whining on TUAW about getting “credit” for Peter Hajas getting hired by Apple, when a monkey could clearly figure out his clues on his blog. Just cuz you’re first to post doesn’t mean anything, everyone subscribes to his RSS feed.

      Quit the whining, if you have a REAL scoop from actual sources (ie not some random joe blow talking about an LED notification for iPhone 5, lol) people will credit you. Respect is earned, not given.

      • charlie

        and someone tell sebastian to leave his damn liberal point of view on politics off twitter. i follow him for iphone related news not to hear him write crap about politics which i disagree with completely. he wants to be a political writer then do it on another account. his followers don’t care (at least half dont)

  • :)

    Fine.at least we have geohot to mak us a jailbreak if something happenes to comex jailbreak

  • charlie

    and someone tell sebastian to leave his damn liberal point of view on politics off twitter. i follow him for iphone releated news not to hear him write crap about politics which i disagree with completely. he wants to be a political writer then do it on another account. his followers don’t care (at least half dont)

    • RikLij

      The beauty of things like this is that you can quit following someone!!!
      Someone’s political beliefs are a part of him just like his apple related convictions!

      If you don’t like it quit reading it.

  • iJailbreak.com has repeatedly used or be inspired by our content without giving us any credit. I got in touch with them several times about this issue and one of the guys assured me it would be fixed. I don’t think it was ever fixed. Why would I give credit to people who don’t return the favor? As you can see on our articles, we always give credit where it’s due. Always. However, if you’re not going to return the favor, don’t expect us to do it as well.

    As for the people complaining about what I say on Twitter, I have a tip for you. Stop following me! It’s as simple as that.

    As for the people complaining about iDB. Just don’t read the blog. There are plenty of other iOS blogs out there.

    • Gian Parodi

      Correct! I agree with you. That is the beauty of twitter, you can always unfollow. Besides, that is your “personal” account and you are free to say whatever you want. So, if they don’t like Sebastien’s opinions, jokes, personal view of different matters, and just random tweets about his neighbords, they can always follow @iDownloadBlog for Info stricktly about Apple’s idevices..

  • Cameron

    Try pressing the reply button and then he Is alerted to your response.

  • Hello Seb, I know there has been some issues in the past between iDB and iJB but we have definitely been trying to alleviate these issues. I have written numerous posts with Via links back to iDB if you were the first to report it or if I have been inspired. Are you aware of this? Or have you not seen them? I will gladly provide links to post with Via’s to iDB.

    I would much rather be friend’s then enemies Sebastien, I hate drama as much as you do.

    Sincere regards,
    Jaden Easton-Ellett