CocoaNuts, the developers behind popular Cydia tweaks such as Yourtube 2 and MarkRead, have after what has felt like an eternity, finally updated their latest bluetooth file sharing app Celeste to v1.0- 73.

Celeste was met with bitter reception after its initial release with a plethora of bugs found by users who had purchased it at its limited time launch price of $7.99. Although initial releases are expected to have bugs and faults, Celeste was in no shape to be released. It also didn’t help that at the time, its dependency tweak ActionMenu was not updated for iOS 4.3 and wasn’t reportedly playing nice with Celeste. It was broken.

Initial Twitter updates from the developers appeared promising but with its last update on Celeste’s status on the 10th of April many users were left in the dark as to Celeste’s future other than the promise that the tweak would be fixed “…very, very soon”.

An update was finally pushed out of no where on June 13th, with no announcement of its release on the @CelesteSupport and @CocoaNuts Twitter feeds…

The change log of Celeste was brief with a simple entry:

1.0 Updates


– New Settings

– Bug fixes

So does Celeste v1.0- 73 live up to expectations? After a few weeks of using it, I can personally say yes! In conjunction with ActionMenu update 1.2 and its support for iOS 4.3, I found the latest update running a lot smoother without any issues. Tenfold. Transferring files between my MacBook Air to my iPhone works seamlessly. I also had no problems transferring files to and from my iPhone to my old Sony Ericsson W880i. Just a point of note bluetooth transfer from iPhone to iPhone is not possible unless both iPhones have Celeste installed.

Celeste’s SBSettings toggle now works great with no problems turning the feature ON and OFF. Transfer from the Camera Roll works as it should with transfers of mp3 automatically placed into your iTunes library thanks to Gremlin2. The features and settings feel native. It works and it does a good job at it.

Celeste automatically enables bluetooth to send files to another device and automatically disables itself when transfers are completed. A simple SBSettings toggle for Celeste allows your device to be discoverable and receive files from other devices.

One thing I did notice is the dependency tweaks installed with Celeste are fairly extensive and I can’t help but feel this is putting noticeably more battery drain on my device after installing, however with the ability to transfer files easily from my iPhone to other devices is for me worth it, and I still get a decent 12-24 hours of normal use without having to recharge my device.

So is Celeste worth the $9.99 price tag? I’m inclined to say yes, I’ve already used this tweak numerous times without fail and I thank CocoaNuts for pushing out this must needed update and recommend it to others.

Tested on iPhone 4 running firmware iOS 4.2.1.

Have you tried Celeste’s latest update? Come across any issues or noticed a significant battery drain? Let us know in the comments section.

  • 53casey

    what’s your winterboard theme? (icons)

    • Wselviz

      +1 (and background)

    • chris


      • 53casey

        +1 ???
        I tried looking for +1 in cydia but nothing shows up
        help a brother out

    • Ali

      Theme is called Edius HD. Its available in the BigBoss repo.

      • I really like that theme! I usually use some of the Matte themes.

  • Haider Ijaz

    Has it started working on iPhone 3G?

  • Duco

    Yeah whats the theme and bg?

  • Duco

    Yeah whats the theme and bg? Its sick

  • Mick

    I personally don’t think it’s worth $9.99 just to send some files via bluetooth, i’d rather do without sending them than pay that.

  • Duco

    Why did I post it twice? xD. I would not pay $9.99. The chance of me sharing over bluetooth is maybe once a month…When I really need it ill just download it cracked.

    • Painman


  • Burge

    Much better now.. On a 3GS running 4.3.3..the old version was more of a battery drain..Hopefully they can make it better with even less battery drain..

    • Ali

      Good to hear they reduced the battery drain since its initial release. I didn’t have the first release of Celeste installed long enough to find out how bad it was.

  • Lol, this update is 2 weeks old, good job.

  • jimhun

    For me it is still a piece of shit. It is not working. And also killed my “built in” bluetooth again. If I turn celeste on it turns itself off. I cannot turn the Bluetooth on as well….

    • Ali

      What device and firmware are you running?

  • Anyone know what theme and icons that screenshot has?

    • Ali

      Theme is called Edius HD by William Szilveszter. You can find it in Cydia hosted in the BigBoss repo.

  • zYx

    How about the speed? Is it improved or does it still take hours to send 50MB over to another bt device?

  • nahids

    can someone tell me what the name of the theme is in the picture posted above. cheers

  • Yuval Marcus

    Does anyone know where i can get the freakin wallpaper? NOT THE ICONS!!!!!!

  • KiD_KryptiK

    Still can’t send songs on iOS 4.3.3….not using the iPod app at least…smh

  • KiD_KryptiK

    Still can’t send songs on iOS 4.3.3….not using the iPod app at least

    • Ali

      I just tested this using a iPhone 3GS running 4.3.3. I was able to send a song from my iPhone 4 running 4.2.1 to the 3GS no problem, however I have verified that the send feature for both iPod/Music and Contacts is broken on 4.3+ as listed on Celeste’s description.

      Hopefully this is a problem they will be able to fix in future updates. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • jared

    whats that theme???

  • Tony

    Don’t buy apps from this dev, he never updates to fix his bugs. Yourtube 2 has been broken since day one and the dev refuses to update it.

  • Its garbage…doesnt pair with my iMac or my other iPhone (yes both have Celeste with 4.3) says no configuration necessary…what a crock of shit o_O

  • Its garbage…doesnt pair with my iMac or my other iPhone (yes both have Celeste with 4.3) says no configuration necessary…what a crock of shito_O

  • virus*cell

    well you should try that with a phone

  • Yaron

    it works better now but still it’s not possible to send song due to action menu? anybody succeeded?

  • Yaron

    it works better now but still it’s not possible to send song, anybody succeeded?

  • david_v18

    how can i put the decpticon logo on the carrer name in the status bar…thanks!!!!!!1

  • Dennis

    Hey guys I got an iPhone 4 running on 4.3.3 i downloaded celeste but it’s not working on my iPhone.
    P.S it’s d cracked version

  • Yilmaz

    Someone???? Whats the background???!!!!
    Everyone wants to knowwwwww!!!
    I want it as bad as Obama wants your votes!!!!!!