While some folks mock Apple’s use of words like “delightful” and “magical” in their commercials, others are firm believers in the empowering abilities of the products. Take Mrs. Bligh for example.

Fiona Bligh’s daughter has Albinism. The genetic condition not only affects skin pigment, but also causes eye problems. Holly Bligh has been struggling in school for years with her poor eyesight and inability to fit in. Then one day, Holly’s mom decided to get her daughter an iPad…

Now, instead of straining to make out words through an unsightly magnifying glass, Holly can pinch and zoom her way through her textbooks.

“Holly’s enthusiasm to read has grown so much, and it’s definitely increased her independence,” Fiona said after purchasing her daughter the Apple tablet. She estimates that “visual fatigue” now takes twice as long to set in.

The iPad has also affected Holly’s social life. The new tablet has made the girl quite popular amongst her classmates.

Fiona was so impressed with her daughter’s quick turnaround, that she emailed Steve Jobs himself to thank him for the device. “I know a lot of people think it’s just a great gadget, but it’s completely changed Holly’s life.”

Touched by her story, the Apple CEO quickly responded:

” Thanks for sharing your experience with me. Do you mind if I read your email to a group of our top 100 leaders at Apple? Thanks, Steve”

Jobs finished the email with a request for a photo of Holly with her iPad.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard an iPad success story like this. The device is being researched as a learning tool for other disabled children, such as kids with autism. Its simple design and large 10″ display combine to make the perfect sidekick for kids with special needs. I’d say that’s magical.


[Herald Sun]

  • Steve

    9.7 to be exact.

  • kaadharey


    Now if only this can be channeled to poorer, third world countries who can’t afford this, then it will be beyond magical. Who knows, maybe through time as technology advances more and more it will.

    • Night

      Here in my 3rd world country, to every child in the first day of 1st grade (private and public schools alike) receives a laptop, it is not a super powerful laptop, but still.

      So I do see the road of an ipad (or another tablet) in the hands of everyone in the near future.

      • ZEUS

        What the hell! That doesn’t even happen in the US.

        She could have just pressed CRTL + on her computer.

  • kieran

    This is another reason i like apple.
    When was the last time you heard microsoft helping people like this when they didnt mean to? Never

    • David


    • c0edx

      Keep fucking those ladies at Brazzers, Keiran. You’re only good enough for shafting ’em, nothing else.

      To answer your question. Bill Gates is the worlds single biggest philanthropist

  • BloodRain

    if she uses a windows base pc to sync that ipad up…billy boy better be getting his email,thats right..bill helped if she has windows..unless its pirated,then nevermind.

  • Ace

    I use my iPad2 with an autistic violin student of mine. It has been a huge blessing to our instruction time! I use it with my other students as well and they love it. But my autistic boy has definitely benefited the most! Thanks for posting this story! 🙂

  • Rakshit Doshi

    i am an albino myself and i know how this gilr might be feeling. I too have the iphone and it was a huge investment for me but it changed the way i communicated with the wolrd… not only pinch to zoom but the 3-finger tap to zoom is a huge huge blessing.

    I too want to thank Steve Jobs and i was wondering if i could mail him. I guess i will. For people who have good vision, they will never understand what bad sight can get you into. God bless Apple. may they keep feeling for people who have lesser than others and keep giving them these little aids that change lives. 🙂