is a place where you can type or paste anything. There’s no user names or profiles, what you type or paste gets placed in chronological order with the other entries. If you’re a fan of the service, you’re going to love this next jailbreak tweak. Glue enables you to paste content to directly from the iOS Notes application.

Now instead having to open up Safari or another 3rd party application to access the Pastie service, you can simply upload from your Notes app with a single tap. This could save frequent users quite a few steps…

The process is simple, just install the Glue tweak from Cydia and pop into your Notes app. Tapping the new icon at the bottom of the application reveals the option to upload the content to Pastie’s site.

Once that’s done, just pop onto using your desktop’s web browser and click the Pastes tab at the top.

I’ll be honest, a few of us here at iDB are having problems with the tweak. Our pastes just don’t always show up on the Pastie site, which kind of defeats the purpose of the utility.

But when it works, it’s fabulous. I was able to make a list of songs I wanted to download in my Notes app, and later retrieve the list from the Pastie website on my desktop to commence downloading. If you want to try out Glue for yourself, it’s available in Cydia for free.

Have you tried out Glue? What’d you think?

  • Joe

    I don’t understand the idea of pastie. You’re just posting to the web, for what reason?

    • Mick

      You’re not alone there, maybe i’m missing something but the whole thing is a complete waste of time, why would any1 want to paste something to it.

      • Kelvin

        For instance, if you wanted to share code (mainly for developers) or simply share data with a specific group of people, you could simply upload to pastie and then provide those people with the link.

  • johnneh

    how about sharing text via EMAIL? 🙂

  • LT916

    This is totally lame!!’n WTF would I wanna paste Sh*t online for!!!! There is IM or email duh

  • Telejeesus

    You guys miss totally the point here 
    I have use and sometimes .com MANY times with computer coz it is so awesome tool.
    Of course you can’t paste any personal info(tho there is SO MANY pastes/min and you can set your paste lifetime to minutes->months. So even semi personal paste to friend is OK to my book. That’s PASTEBIN, but pastie work same way I think). And its also tweak 

    Pastie > email/IMIf you have chat going on its much faster/There is quite small space to paste text in chat programs(MSN specially). So you just paste link to your friend.
    Also If you need to paste formated text(code) to friend Pastie/Pastebin is the  
    And your friend dont need to open email If you have chat going on.
    Or If you send code with email it is easier to share/read If its in Pastie/Pastebin link.

    I have had chats with my friends many times and even I can paste say .rtorrent.rc to Skype It is SO much easier and faster to copy from pastebin. All conf. files/scripts etc.. what you need in linux(sidenote, Linux is only in my server)
    Or some of my  friends have help me with reclamation emails(If you do that with email you send MANY emails back and forth). So paste text to net and get link for it is VERY usefull(why else ppl do it SO much )
    So this is like imagehost for text.
    I have found it EXTREMELY usefull. Now I must test Pastie(i bet its like Pastebin) and this TWEAK 
    Lets see if it is as usefull in my 4 as desktop. I bet HC iPad users need this most,
    This must try tool 

    • That may have been the most annoying comment to read. Ever.

      • Telejeesus

         LOL

  • Bob Sole

    Check out the QuickPaste app, it keeps a history list of the stuff you copy to the clipboard so you can easily reuse it … neat… and free 😉