And the piss contest between Apple and Samsung shall continue. Later last month, a San Jose, CA judge ruled that Samsung should give 5 of its latest devices to Apple’s legal team for them to make sure those devices do not copy the iPhone in any way. Samsung requested the same from Apple but the court quickly denied the claim.

Today, FOSS Patents reports that Samsung filed a complaint against Apple before the International Trade Commission (ITC), asking for an import ban against the iPhone, iPad and iPod…

The combination of the accused products and the defendant means that Samsung is asking for an import ban against the iPhone, iPad and iPod. If the ITC agrees to investigate such a complaint (which is pretty certain to happen here), a final decision is reached within 16 to 18 months.

With so much tension between the 2 electronics giants, it now makes no doubt in my mind that Apple will indeed dump Samsung for the production of its A6 chip in 2012.

Is an ugly divorce about to happen? It sure looks like it.

What’s your take on that?

  • DomPerignon

    Apple was the one who started this stupidity and now they just lost its main parts provider for good. Let’s hope they find anither provider with the same excellence.

    • derkrisz

      You really don’t think that Apple this war BEFORE finding a new provider, do you?

      • derkrisz


  • Bone

    newbie question.. what does an import ban mean??

    • It means banning the import of the products

      • Syc01ce

        But importing what products where? Still kinda confused

    • MrA

      They’re asking that Apple not be able to see iDevices in USA.

      • MrA

        They’re asking that Apple not be able to SELL iDevices in USA.****

  • JDI

    Are you kidding me??? Samsung is losing a customer that spends 8 billion a year on parts from them. They can find someone else to make their parts…. Who wouldn’t want that contract??

  • eas

    Apple arrogant bitches

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      LOL you meant Samsung copy-cat bitches I guess… It’s clear like day and night!

      • SRUm1sh

        It sure is! +1.. 🙂

    • Porn King


    • Porn King

      *thumb up

    • Porn King

      Thumbs up

  • omakad


  • PopCorn

    In other news: Samsung CEO was fired for …

    • Chris

      Whacking off in public ????

      • Jarred ur mom


  • MaxMillion

    Ya what is an import ban

    • Chris

      A ban on the importing of Apple products into a country, i’m guessing whatever country Samsung are based.

      • Syc01ce

        How can samsung ban a product from
        coming into south Korea cause they had a fight with apple… Politics makes no sense

    • MrA

      Import ban won’t happen, this same scenario happens with Apple every other year or so.

  • Diego

    What are they basing this on? Doesn’t there have to be a reason for requesting this? Because they copied Apple? And knowing the country they are requesting the ban in would be a good thing to include.

  • Cameron

    I think Samsung is from Britain, no more iPhones here 🙁 And don’t any Americans give it yea that’s why they suck, or else I’ll fucking kill your children 😀

    • Ernesto Castellanos

      Haha. Your comment does not make any sense…

    • Ash

      Samsung is not from Britain, they are a Korean company.

    • Your going to jail for terroristic threats Sebastian has already called Interpol!

    • Syc01ce

      Doesn’t make any sense cause samsung is headquartered in south korea so don’t cry yet you brit

    • Rob

      Do the Brits make stuff?

      • Braulio

        No they’re too busy playing football hahaha and drinking beer

  • Michael

    Samsung’s acting pretty childish with this. They copied the iPhone, and now they’re acting like Apple are “the bad guys” in this case, by banning the iPhone in Korea? WTF

  • Mohammed

    It all started when those stupid ass at SAMSUNG wanted to copy the iPhone look into their Galaxy thing , plz when you wante to make a product to sell and get money , try to work your brain not to copy and paste other people stuff :S

    • Luis

      apple copys stuff all the time its about time someone has the balls to go agaisnt them im all for samsung

  • Armagedon

    They didn’t copy shit they look nothing alike pathetic shit go eat a dick

  • JDI

    Lulz…. People getting all personal on the Internet. Way to show what you,re made of!

  • oneDebo

    Sosince Apple gas produced it’s own chip for the iPhone and iPad, maybe they are in the process of building their own for all devices. Or they already have a new contract with someone else in place of Samsung. Samsung will be the big loser for revenue in this battle.