It seems like everyone and their dog has their own opinion of what Apple’s next smartphone will look like. While most people believe that the next iPhone will look relatively similar to its predecessor, others feel a more radical change is on the way.

Then you have the folks that think that both will show up this fall. So which is it? If rumors have confirmed one thing, it’s that we really don’t know what Apple is planning for the next iPhone. But here’s hoping it looks something like this…

This is designer Michal Bonikowski’s rendering of what he thinks the next iPhone will look like. These conceptual graphics show off an iPhone build consisting of an aluminum enclosure and steel frame. The overall design is based on the iPad 2.

Bonikowski thinks that the new version of Apple’s hit device will be “safe and predictable,” simply because Apple can’t afford a another failed version [see antenna problems]. The designer also believes that key functions will be converted from mechanical to touch.

The graphics portray a device with a larger screen than the current model. It also appears to have a thinner frame. I must say, the back of the phone looks much more Apple-like than the purported leaked iPhone cases we’ve seen depicting a dual or “separated” LED flash system.

There’s only a couple of things we can really assume about the next iPhone. It’ll have a dual core processor and it’ll show up sometime this year. The rest is left up to our imaginations, which I’m guessing is exactly what Apple wants.

Nobody spends countless hours designing mock-up HTC phones because the company hasn’t captured our imaginations. But Apple has taught us that products like the iPad are possible. They’ve taught us that technology can be beautiful, they taught us to think differently.

I’m hoping the next iPhone looks like this, what about you guys?

  • Thats actually very good, but bad camera placement, also if apple wants bigger screen 3.7″ wont be bad or 4″ at most
    also i like the ipad 1st gen look it has to it

  • Ken

    can’t be slimmer than iphone 4 as new processor need more battery juice

  • BLiNK

    i think i just wet myself

    • Topsy

      How did you wet you self!! BED DREAMS?

    • iDonJulio


  • ddr

    Yeah bad rear-facing camera placement. The iPod Touch 4 has a curved back but has a camera, it should be placed in the traditional spot.

  • ml

    It reminds me of the iphone 3g/3gs. A 4″ screen would be cool.

  • joel

    I think there is an important error in this iPhone 5 concept: the screen must be with iOS 5. This concept has the interface of iOS 4…

    • The home screen looks the same on both…

      • p

        Missing Reminders app.

      • joel

        And at iOS 5 there isn’t iPod, its name is Music..

    • The design looks rather bulky than sexy
      also i dont really see iMessages on the home screen so it maybe iOS4

      • Ernesto Castellanos

        Alright kids, we’re looking at hardware. Not software. Just saying.

      • iMessages is IN Messages (the texting app in the first spot on the home screen pictured above). It is missing Reminders though, and iPod should be split into Music and Videos.

    • grdbvsbwu


  • Chris

    A camera lens and flash inside the apple logo ha, i’d like to see that

    • grdbvsbwu

      I think the antennae is in the Apple logo, but it would still be cool if it had a camera and flash in there too.

      • I would like to see another LED screen inside the apple logo… 😛

  • Hope it has a bigger screen and a new design cause i dont want to cut my fingers just to get a sygnal.

  • Chorx

    If that back plate was glass I’d give apple all of my money.

    • Ethan

      Like 5 bucks?

      • Chorx

        I just got iced

  • Genesis

    that’s one of the best iphone concepts I’ve seen. I hope it comes out like that. PLEASE!!

  • Vitaliy

    how comes they keep putting old signal bars on theese “new” concepts? Signal bars will be like the new ones from now on..

  • Braulio

    This is my favorite design 🙂 I wouldn’t mind If it was thicker for everything to fit, especially 64gb memory.

  • Ian

    I think it will have a front LED for alerts…like a blackberry

  • I think iPhone 5 will be with dual core, 720p support, improved 8 MP camera, 1 GB ram and will be thinnest of all smartphones.

  • This design is eye-soothing. A front and back glass pane is a bit overdone, but this design is, what I would call, “fingerlikin’ good”

    • Mick

      +1 I think it looks very good, some1 earlier said they’d give Apple all there money for front and back glass but imo that’s the worst part about the iPhone 4.

  • Fuck the iphone 5

  • 2MMackD

    Are you all confuse, this is a concept dummies and its a beautiful one at that, I wish the iPhone5 looks exactly like that or better, but the design in this concept is excellent and its something that can be done, not some far fetch out of space crap. Please to send it to Apple knowing Mr. Jobs if he loves it he will have it made. Well done to whoever designed this concept.

  • Hi
    we have mentionned your article on, and added a french made iPhone 5 design that you can find here :

  • snoop

    iPhone 4 still looks prettier. Love the glass back compared to this old school metal chassis.

  • Roli

    Don’t like the camera and the back… but the front is incredible 🙂

  • iMac

    Wait, the silent switch turned to a button there..

  • Aleks

    terrible. looks like the 3gs and samsung galaxy ace had a kid

  • S. Khan

    It’s tough to understand for normal users,

  • Joey

    It should have the same shape of the iPhone 4 and this one should haves flash in the front

  • It’s awful. The mute button should be a switch, there’s no way they’ll go back to a volume rocker, especially with the volume up button now working in the camera as a shutter button, and the camera looks terrible located there. Also, from the front, it just looks squashed. The iPhone 5 will not be this bad.

    • Daniel

      I agree, plus it needs to have 4G, Sprint, and also lose the carrier fragmentation (Verizon iPhone is on 4.2.8, AT&T is on 4.3.3)

  • Daniel


  • Daniel

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  • Daniel

    Hah! 3G has a spam link.

  • I think this fake . Because different sites show different pics . :p

  • i will fuck you

  • Anonymous

    So ugly.