About a year ago, iOS 4 became available to the public with Apple releasing it to iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 3G customers. It seems as if many iPhone customers are up-to-date with all of their software, as a whopping 95.59% of Apple iOS distribution by versions are already iOS 4.

Some people are still on iOS 3 – 4.22% of iOS devices in use are still running iOS 3 – but we presume that most of these are original iPhone owners (remember Apple left the 1st generation iPhone out of the picture for iOS 4)…

There’s still a sliver of iOS 2 devices out there, but barely, at a mere 0.17% – who probably use their iPhones just to make phone calls. The graph and statistics come from advertising bureau Apprupt. Previous statistics show that even after only six months, iOS 4 was already running on 90 percent of devices.

We’ll assume that most of you are running iOS 4. But what version? Make sure to let us know by leaving a comment below.

  • iOS5beta2 at the moment… (app dev)

    Very interesting read this article to see that 95% of folk are up using iOS4 now… Quite a lot of the apps in the App Store probably don’t need 4.2, that’s just the lazy ass developers using the target deployment iOS that Xcode tell them to use – personally I have been winding it back as far as I can get away without breaking my apps, currently at 3.2 . So, that said I’ll crank it back to 4.0 to allow more whistles and bells to be used in my app, and still have a decent market 🙂

  • philippl

    iOS 5 beta @ipad
    iOS 4.3.3 @iphone 4

  • Alex

    4.2.8 vzw i4
    4.2.1 ipt2g

  • i have my iphone 3gs on 3.1.2 and it is just as fast if not faster than the iphone 4s