No, this is not my wedding, although the location strangely looks similar to where Tina and I got married. I had thought about having the person who married us read her speech on my iPad 2 but I believed it could have been a bit tacky.

What I hadn’t thought about was to get our wedding recorded entirely on an iPhone 4. And that’s what this couple did. They hired professional photographers and videographers that shot pictures and videos of the wedding using several iPhone 4…

The result is actually much better than you’d expect.

Would you consider immortalizing such an important event on your iPhone 4? Maybe the 8MP camera rumored to be in the iPhone 5 would make it a more compelling reason?

  • Fi2o

    Ok, this is amazing, but, of course, these guys are pros.

  • Wow! This is better quality than i thought it would be!

  • Wow! Thats Cool. You cant beat the iPhone Camera.

    • Jon Garrett

      you are joking aren’t you? there are at least 5 Android phones that have 8mp cameras, 1080p cameras or 3D if that’s your thing.

      • iPwn

        No he is not joking more MP doesn’t equate to better resolution pictures. Lots on those 8 MP camera uses front-lit cheap sensors. Apple uses a high quality BACK lit censor resulting in better more vivid pictures. And 1080p on android phones is choppy and doesn’t even run a decent frame rate for it to be considered useful. But sure its nice to say I got a 8 MP 3D 1080p camera.

  • Joe

    Didn’t watch the vids but there is no way I would have my wedding filmed only using iPhone. I would hire professionals w professional equipment

    • Doug

      They were professionals, you miss that part?

      • fellipe

        “w professional equipment”, you miss that part?

    • Doug

      The iPhone 4 is just as professional as a nice camera. However the quality is better in more mega pixals.

      I think the fact that a “professional” is attached to whatever device they use indicates the end result. If I had an 18 megapixel Cannon, the pictures would still be poor, because I do not know how to use cameras.

      • soccerkrzy

        You couldn’t be more wrong. The tiny image sensor of the iPhone pales into comparison of a real DSLR. The colors are wrong, you can’t fit different lenses, you can’t apply real polarization filters. I’m not even an expert in photography and I know you’re an idiot.

  • Svnelvn

    Some pictures are definitely taken with a wide angel lens
    And the last video appears to be shot in hdr

    Not saying it’s fake, but this would require a whole lot more editing than a proper shooter/ camera

    • Mark

      I have a wide angle lens for my iphone, and it works perfect. It’s one of those magnetic slide-on lenses. Anyway, a camera is just a tool, the quality of the photo’s is due to the professionalism of the photographer.

  • The iPhone 4’s camera is great but this is stupid as you could just hire photographers who use better cameras instead of doing this for novelty…

  • FutureMedia

    I already did this in May for my niece’s wedding with ONE iPhone 4 and QuickPix which let me take stills while I continued to shoot video. Edited on my iPad 2 with iMovie. Results were great.

  • Echo6

    I think it’s pretty cool, Nice novelty; “World’s First.” There will always be one or two in a crowd that always have something negative to say. With those people, you can give them the best wedgie in the world and they will still complain.

    If you looked up that equipment they had used, you can see that the accessories have been on the market for a little while they were definitely put to the test.

  • soccerkrzy

    Our pastor used an iPad for the ceremony, I even jailbroke it for him a few months prior, lol.

    • soccerkrzy

      Mine was a direct and relative comment to the article where he mentioned the officiant using an iPad. So unless if you ate your brownie while filming a wedding with an iPhone, you’re simply irrelevant.

      Was it a fudgy brownie?

  • Sy

    Anyone know what that was edited with love some of the effects

  • They definitely had lenses on top of the iPhone Camera. There is a fisheye accessory I think they’re utilizing.