The iPad is so simple even a Pope can use it.

Watch this video of Pope Benedict launching a Vatican website, but also sending his very first tweet directly from his iPad. As you can tell, the Pope doesn’t seem to be much impressed by what the iPad can do…

Please refrain from posting negative comments about the Catholic church. This is not the place.

[Rome Reports via 9to5God]

  • Gutentag

    Good job pope! I bet the first tweet was, “meow”

    • OrangeSn0w

      or penguin

  • Dick Fontaine

    I’d like to see his Internet search history

    • Chris

      LOL full of sites about children no doubt, the dirty old paedo !

  • Gutentag

    Haha I bet his apps are all games. Because he’s a Pope! And popes love games!

  • Reytube


  • This proves iPad is magical !

  • Wow the pope and the queen who’s next the Dali lama

  • Cookie Monster

    Geez, there are cheaper ways to tweet..but you had to spent money on a brand new iPad, right Pope? Poor people around the world thank you.

  • Jose

    Jajaja nice

  • BLiNK

    wasnt he just complaining a couple of weeks ago that the Internet was the root of all evil??

    • belloc

      Um, no?

  • Justin

    I’m just one of those monolingual people, and the video just left me wondering what the heck they are telling him! Subtitles would be spiffy.
    And from his numerous single syllable responses, I think he’s also wondering what the heck are they talking about.

  • Sisko

    Lets hope that he’ll use the iPad to educate himself apart from his sick ignorant book.

    • Yellow

      It’s not the book that’s sick and twisted, it’s the people who deliberately misinterpret it just to get what they want.

  • Carson

    Wow twited21. You can’t spell twitted or dalai lama. If you’re going to insult an entire religion, use spell check first.
    Apple has opened up access to an entire generation, which speaks for Apple’s programming. My grandparents, Jewish and Catholic alike, thank you.

    • Revvxz

      You sure he didn’t mean twited? You’ll never know..

      • Fojam


    • Spelling isn’t the problem you still got what I meant and besides I still rock

  • Omar

    So simple the Pope can use it? Are you saying that the pope is dumb?

    • No, I’m saying that the Popes have historically been against technology and they very much likely don’t know how to use a computer, or an iPad for that matter.

    • dfgbhfdv

      Einstein didn’t know how to use a computer either.

      • monkers

        They didn’t call him “Al” either, even though Paul Simon seems to think they did!

  • The Pope

    I’m the Pope and i’m very disappointed by you all… IDb included for making this article… I used to read IDB everyday … But not anymore. I wish for all your igadgets to malfunction .. or remain without battery when you need the most or at least when you tweet…from an ipad.

    • Adam


  • grdbvsbwu

    I’ve heard that Obama doesn’t know how to use an iPhone.

    • libertarian

      obama is a sicko, we all know that…he may have an iPad, not sure about the iPhone since before it was the bb, but its (iPad) obvious unused. the guys is a moron, even more so than carter!

  • Roflcopter

    LOL, pedophile :L

  • Eldaria

    Why is he not impressed?
    He is checking out the competition, and was not worried: 😉

  • Bytenapple

    The pope stands for good in a world full of corruption. Speak your criticizing comments if you must but know they are foolishly spoken out of ignorance

    • Ins0mnihack

      That’s pretty funny to talk of ignorance, when you’re the one that believes in a magical sky man and his zombie son. Science is the new God.

  • Jips

    So does this mean that the Cathedral now has free wifi?

  • Cellsplitter

    Is the iPad going to transform into a pair of white iHandcuffs and arrest that criminal?

  • Gilles

    You are all alike! You are sharp to criticize anyone who at lease try to adapte himself to this world. Be human, if you can not be Christian, respect people.

    • libertarian

      left wingers are full of hate. they are the most intolerant people

      • Ins0mnihack

        Out of all the ridiculous comments I’ve read on the internet that has to be in the top 5. Left wing stands for progress, tolerance, compassion and anti-discrimination. It’s right wing people that spread their messages of hate towards homosexuals, abortion clinics and so on. Most of the people I know are left wing atheists and they are the nicest, most educated and clever people I’ve ever known.

  • Totoy

    He has nothing to do 😀

  • justfacts

    A little known fact about Pope Benedict is how intelligent he is. When he was a cardinal he came up with the idea that all catholic churches should send all of their documents regarding clergy sexual misconduct to the Vatican. The Vatican is a sovereign country and therefore can not be legally required to release any of these documents or any information about how the catholic church has dealt with clergy sexual misconduct — even if subpoenaed by U.S. or other countries’ law enforcement authorities. Benedict’s idea has saved the catholic church from a significant amount of prosecution, embarrassment, and likely bankruptcy. And that is why he is now the CEO, or as they call it, pope of the holy roman catholic church.

  • LMFAO! The Apocalypse is upon us!

  • “Please refrain from posting negative comments about the Catholic church. This is not the place.”
    ..not the place for what, FREE SPEECH?!??